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Omix-ADA Emergency Brake Cable - 16730.07

Part Number: OAI16730.07


  • Position: Rear Left
  • Fitment: Direct Fit


  • Driver side
  • With 11 inch brakes


Fits 1976-78 CJ with 11 brakes. This brake cable measures 33 long and the cable end that goes into the brake backing plate is a bolt on style end.

Question & Answers

1 Answered question

The product overview describes the brake cable as attaching to the backing plate via bolts, yet even in the enlarged pictured of the item, it is impossible to view how it attaches. I have a 1978, CJ-5,4.2Lt,w/an AMC-20 rear which has factory 11" inch brakes. A few years ago, I swapped in 1981 CJ-5 front & rear axles equipped w/lockers model for model. That rear AMC-20 had 10" brakes. Make a long story short. A tube spun on that axle, so I transferred the Detroit Locker over to my old AMC-20 w/11" brakes and now I can't find the two attaching bolt-on brackets, that the E-brake cable runs thru and into the hole of the backing plate to attach to the E-brake lever. So the question is, do this E-brake cables, drivers side & passenger side come with this two-holed bolt on brackets. I forgot to mention that the 10 " brakes don't use the brackets, the backing plate just has about a 1/2" hole in which the cable slips/snaps into. Any chance U guy just sell those two bolt on brackets. Thanks Al

Asked by airborne-dude from Visalia,Ca on

Hello All the 11 brakes have the cable with the flange with two bolt holes. The pictures come from Omix-Ada to but on the website. I think Omix-Ada gets about 1 out of ten pictures correct. The cables have the plate with two holes to bolt onto the 11 inch backing plate. Thanks

Answered by Rody from Visalia,Ca on


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This Product Fits the Following:

  • 1978  Jeep  CJ5  Base  
  • 1978  Jeep  CJ5  Golden Eagle  
  • 1978  Jeep  CJ5  Renegade  
  • 1978  Jeep  CJ7  Base  
  • 1978  Jeep  CJ7  Golden Eagle  
  • 1978  Jeep  CJ7  Renegade  
  • 1977  Jeep  CJ5  Base  
  • 1977  Jeep  CJ5  Golden Eagle  
  • 1977  Jeep  CJ5  Renegade  
  • 1977  Jeep  CJ7  Base  
  • 1977  Jeep  CJ7  Golden Eagle  
  • 1977  Jeep  CJ7  Renegade  
  • 1976  Jeep  CJ5  Base  
  • 1976  Jeep  CJ5  Renegade  
  • 1976  Jeep  CJ7  Base  
  • 1976  Jeep  CJ7  Renegade  


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