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Omix-ADA Distributor Gear Pair - 17423.03

Part Number: OAI17423.03


  • Fitment: Universal Fit


  • 304, 360, and 401 AMC V8 engines
  • Includes distributor and cam gears
  • Distributor gear fits .492 inch shaft


This kit includes the camshaft mounted gear and distributor mounted gear.


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Installed the camshaft gear last week, but didn't end up changing the distributor gear since I was using a new distributor with a new gear installed. 3 days later I was stranded on the highway after the camshaft gear ate the teeth off of the distributor gear. Turns out these are made of hardened steel, not iron like the original parts they're meant to replace. Now I have an engine full of shrapnel and have to redo all of last weeks work.

from Prince George, BC, Canada |

Question & Answers

2 Answered questions

What are the two washers shown for? They are nothing like the thin flat washers on my 74 cj-5 v8 distributor. I see they have little shoulders and I know they stack together. but if you do you use up all the free play in the distributor shaft. Are they possibly for some of the other years listed? Should I just reuse my original washer with this kit?

Asked by mike from craig , Co. on

Mike, Those washers are shims to adjust the height of the distributor to make sure the Omix-Ada Distributor Gear Pair mesh correctly. Please let us know if you have any other questions. Thanks!

Answered by Tom S @ Ext 4876 from craig , Co. on

Will this work on my 79 cj7 with 304 and I have the dui distributor will the gear fit that. thanks

Asked by b from lubbock tx on

B, the Omix-Ada Distributor Gear Pair is made for a 72-81 CJ with an AMC V8, so it will work just fine. Hope this helps!

Answered by Zach O. ext 4939 from lubbock tx on


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