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Omix-ADA Cowl Seal - 12302.04

Part Number: OAI12302.04


  • With Adhesive: No
  • Fitment: Direct Fit


1.0 1.0
Very leaky

I bought this to replace my old original seal. I noticed the front lip of the seal itself is different than the original. The fitment was very tight, too tight, and does not seal out the water. Leaks worse than my old factory one.

By Bam from Salt Lake, UT | 9/16/15
waste of time

I bought one with the hopes of a smoother look, but now all I have is a piece of foam that fit against the frame as the OLD one did, waste of money, buy original.

By Jeeper 1 from Old Fort , NC | 8/4/12
Poor Fit - NOT like original

My Jeep had been previouly red, from the factory. It is now Petty Blue. The fit was so poor that I had a 1/2" red stripe running along the entire top of the seal, and a smaller one along the bottom. At first, I used a strip of electrical tape to try to hide it, but I ended up buying the OEM seal at five times the price. Also fit poorly where you see it on the inside of the jeep. I had a "stripe" there also. If your jeep is still the original color, you could probably use it. The seal does not fit flush to the windshield frame, it curls up. Very poor "replacement". I would not recommend this product. The picture I took was after peeling the tape. I wanted to attempt to return this "defective" one. I do not concider this a replacement and it is not like the original.

By k5ride from High Desert, CA | 7/24/10

Question & Answers

3 Answered questions

how do I install this seal? it is a 1994 jeep wrangler yj, it has new windshield and all seal around it are new. I am still getting water coming in behind the dash. the seal at bottom of cowl was not replaced and is in rough shape,so I thjink this is where the water is coming in at.

Asked by normo from east texas on

Normo, in order to install this Omix-Ada Cowl Seal you will have to remove the windshield hinges from inside the cab of the jeep and tilt down the windshield frame. There should be a few screws holding on the current one in place, unscrew and remove the old seal. Then just attach the new seal ( you may want to add a bead of clear silicone). I would also say take the seal out of the package and let it lay flat for a day.

Answered by Jason L from east texas on

does the lip go up or down

Asked by gm from tn on

GM, every time I have installed one of these cowl seals I put the lip up.

Answered by Jason L from tn on

what kind of adhesive is needed

Asked by bob customer# 5800397 from palm beach gardens florida on

Installation of this Omix-Ada Cowl Seal does not require any adhesive or sealant. Thanks!

Answered by Craig R. from palm beach gardens florida on


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This Product Fits the Following:

  • 1995  Jeep  Wrangler (YJ)  Rio Grande  
  • 1995  Jeep  Wrangler (YJ)  SE  
  • 1995  Jeep  Wrangler (YJ)  Sahara  
  • 1994  Jeep  Wrangler (YJ)  Renegade  
  • 1994  Jeep  Wrangler (YJ)  S  
  • 1994  Jeep  Wrangler (YJ)  SE  
  • 1994  Jeep  Wrangler (YJ)  Sahara  
  • 1993  Jeep  Wrangler (YJ)  Base  
  • 1993  Jeep  Wrangler (YJ)  Renegade  
  • 1993  Jeep  Wrangler (YJ)  S  
  • 1993  Jeep  Wrangler (YJ)  Sahara  
  • 1992  Jeep  Wrangler (YJ)  Base  
  • 1992  Jeep  Wrangler (YJ)  Islander  
  • 1992  Jeep  Wrangler (YJ)  Renegade  
  • 1992  Jeep  Wrangler (YJ)  S  
  • 1992  Jeep  Wrangler (YJ)  Sahara  
  • 1991  Jeep  Wrangler (YJ)  Base  
  • 1991  Jeep  Wrangler (YJ)  Islander  
  • 1991  Jeep  Wrangler (YJ)  Renegade  
  • 1991  Jeep  Wrangler (YJ)  S  
  • 1991  Jeep  Wrangler (YJ)  Sahara  
  • 1990  Jeep  Wrangler (YJ)  Base  
  • 1990  Jeep  Wrangler (YJ)  Islander  
  • 1990  Jeep  Wrangler (YJ)  Laredo  
  • 1990  Jeep  Wrangler (YJ)  Sahara  
  • 1989  Jeep  Wrangler (YJ)  Base  
  • 1989  Jeep  Wrangler (YJ)  Islander  
  • 1989  Jeep  Wrangler (YJ)  Laredo  
  • 1989  Jeep  Wrangler (YJ)  Sahara  
  • 1988  Jeep  Wrangler (YJ)  Sport  
  • 1988  Jeep  Wrangler (YJ)  Base  
  • 1988  Jeep  Wrangler (YJ)  Islander  
  • 1988  Jeep  Wrangler (YJ)  Laredo  
  • 1988  Jeep  Wrangler (YJ)  S  
  • 1988  Jeep  Wrangler (YJ)  Sahara  
  • 1987  Jeep  Wrangler (YJ)  Base  
  • 1987  Jeep  Wrangler (YJ)  Laredo  
  • 1987  Jeep  Wrangler (YJ)  Sport  


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