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Mac Divitt Rubber Co 24 Inch Body Mounting Rubber - MDR5000

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Can be cut to desired length.


Question & Answers

2 Answered questions

Hi. Is this body mounting rubber made in the USA? And what durometer is it? Thanks.

Asked by Andy from RI USA on

Hi Andy, Yes, the manufacturer on this body mounting rubber is in OH and the diameter on this item is 2 1/2". It's 2 ft long. Thank you for your inquiry.

Answered by Jim G Ext 4806 from RI USA on

what is the best way to cut this to size? hacksaw? razor blade? Ginsu knife? Please help me?

Asked by Nasty Nate from Winston Salem, NC on

Hi Nate! That Ginsu will cut through just about anything, but I'd suggest you keep that in the kitchen. A hacksaw will work very well, as will a standard wood saw as long as you can keep the roll stationary. That's the key to a clean and even cut on this body mounting rubber.

Answered by Aaron S. from Winston Salem, NC on