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Lange Originals Manual Hoist-A-Top Hardtop Removal System for One-Piece Hardtops - 014-500

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  • Lange Originals | Part Number: LAN014-500
  • Operation Type:Manual
  • Fitment:Universal Fit
  • In_Stock:In Stock
  • In_Stock:In Stock


Removal and storage can now be a one-person proposition. Rigid construction with a powerful safety feature lifting device, your top will be supported on a well-balanced steel frame. Rubber coated hooks protect the finish. The Hoist-A-Top includes a hoist/puller, mounting brackets and hardware. The Power Hoist-A-Top does all of the work for you! The hardtop remover, winch, mounting bracket and remote control install conveniently in your garage. Hoist-a-Top is a complete turnkey system. Installation is simple and our custom systems come complete with excellent installation instructions. No more pulled muscles, strained backs, dropped or damaged tops, or pinched fingers. Best of all, you don't have to find a group of people to help every time. Hoist-a-Top uses an incredibly strong steel frame that quickly attaches to your top. There is nothing to drill or attach to your top. A specially designed cable pulling mechanism then lifts your top to the ceiling in your garage or carport for convenient, out-of-the-way storage. It takes only about three minutes to remove your top, by yourself. Replacing it is just as easy. With a working range of from 7 to 10 feet, Hoist-a-Top handles top removal and storage in most garages.



Good Solution. Not Perfect.

I bought this for an LJ (like a TJ, but the extended one, kinda like a Scrambler). The product I bought was specifically designed for the Unltd. The instructions were clear enough and easy to put together, but the supplied hardware is the cheapest stuff possible. It took me several tries to get the eyebolt centered so the center of gravity was right on the top to make sure it stayed level as I hoisted it up. The shoddy hardware gave way with the top 8" off the body, and the rear of the top fell about 3.5 feet as the brackets slid when the screws sheared. I was *under* the top at the time. If I hadn't managed to drag a couple of trash cans over, the top would have crashed to the floor and possibly injured me. I'm a 125-pound woman, which is why I bought this "single-operator hoist" and it almost cost me a new top. I had to get my boyfriend to basically reverse-engineer the thing and beef up all points of connection in order to make the thing safe. I have no idea how nobody else has had this issue. We called Lange directly to discuss the problem and they were very nonchalant about the whole thing and blamed me for the malfunction. Since I didn't manufacture the screws and bolts, I fail to see how it was my fault they sheared under the weight of the top. I'm not sure they shipped all the right pieces for the LJ, and maybe sent supplies for the TJ instead. The LJ top weighs about 75 pounds more than a TJ, so maybe that was the issue. That being said, once we reinforced everything, it's worked like a charm. There's no other way I could have done it, but I just feel lucky that I didn't get hurt (or ruin my top) due to the inferior quality of parts. If you buy this, you'd better look at cross-drilling and getting some big bolts to make it stronger.

from Houston, TX |

Question & Answers

2 Answered questions

Will this item work on my 2004 Jeep Unlimited?

Asked by j123 from Fort Stockton TX on

Yes, this Lange Originals Manual Hoist-A-Top Hardtop Removal System will work with your Jeep's top. Thanks!

Answered by Craig R. from Fort Stockton TX on

Does the come along have to be mounted directly behind the top or may it be mounted on a side wall at an angle ? Thanks

Asked by from Newnan, GA on

The puller can be mounted on a side wall or a back wall. Please note this system requires a ceiling height of at least 7 ft. Thanks!

Answered by Craig R. from Newnan, GA on


For over two decades, Salt Lake City-based Lange Originals has been manufacturing products with the main functional focus to remove Jeep hardtops and increase garage space. Among its lineup are the popular Hoist-a-Top, carriers and roof racks to maximize storage and cargo capacity. Lange also makes door mirrors, tailgate stops and bumpers for Jeeps that fit 2 and 4-door models and match various models. Jeepers who don't take transporting their gear lightly will appreciate Lange's durability, attention to detail and ease of functionality. Whether you're into watersports, camping or other trail activities, upgrading with Lange is stylish and smart. Shop Lange Originals Now