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Kargo Master Congo Cage Rack - 50341


  • Kargo Master | Part Number: KAR50341
  • Drilling Required:Drilling Is Not Required
  • Fitment:Direct Fit
  • In_Stock:In Stock
  • In_Stock:In Stock
  • Roof Rack Type:Roof Rack
  • Material:Steel


The base system required for all Kargo Master racks is made of strong, large diameter steel tube construction with premium quality fasteners and hardware. Easy release front mounts and hinged rear mounts allow for removal or installation of soft or hard tops without removal of rack. The 1.625 diameter tubing can support up to 500 lbs. making Kargo Master the strongest system on the market.


Best buy ever!

Great rack to carry my canoe and ski's or simply extra luggage on the Wrangler! The rack get's a little noisy at about 100 km/h (60mph) but there is deflectors that can be purchased to reduce that noise. I won't bother as it doesn't get excessive anyway and I like the look as it is right now!

from Calgary, Alberta, Canada |

Question & Answers

9 Answered questions

Does this Congo Cage Rack work with a standard 2016 factory bumper? More specifically, how does the rack mount into the back?

Asked by kim from kentucky on

Hey Kim, the Kargo Master Congo Cage Rack would work with the factory bumper and bolts to the frame with a bracket. Thanks for your question.

Answered by Devin B. ext 4835 from kentucky on

Can I still take off the freedom hard tops with this cage? What about Cargo Pro JK?

Asked by kim from kentucky on

Kim, the Kargo Master Congo Cage Rack allows removal of the freedom panels and the entire top as well. Hope this helps!

Answered by Zach O. ext 4939 from kentucky on

I have a factory rear bumper on a Wrangler X that wraps around to the wheel wells. Do I have to remove the bumper to install this product?

Asked by Wade from Orlando, FL on

Hello Wade, With the Kargo Master Cage Rack you do not have to remove the bumper, it would however make the install easier but is not required. If you have anymore questions feel free to ask, Thank you.

Answered by [email protected] from Orlando, FL on

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For over 32 years, Rancho Cordova, California-based Kargo Master has specialized in manufacturing heavy duty, highly modular Jeep racks. Function comes first and foremost for Kargo Master and upgrading to a Jeep roof rack is easy and affordable. Kargo Master's racks have sturdy steel construction and feature premium quality hardware and fasteners and racks with tubing support up to 500 lbs. of cargo. The company also makes accessories like wind deflectors to enhance their racks for a better, quieter experience wheeling on the trail or highway. Whether your cargo is fishing gear, luggage or tools, their Safari, Congo Cage and Bushman racks help organize and transport heavy loads. Shop Kargo Master Now

This Product Fits the Following:

  • 2016  Jeep  Wrangler (JK)  Rubicon  
  • 2016  Jeep  Wrangler (JK)  Sahara  
  • 2016  Jeep  Wrangler (JK)  Sport  
  • 2016  Jeep  Wrangler (JK)  Sport S  
  • 2015  Jeep  Wrangler (JK)  Rubicon  
  • 2015  Jeep  Wrangler (JK)  Sahara  
  • 2015  Jeep  Wrangler (JK)  Sport  
  • 2014  Jeep  Wrangler (JK)  Rubicon  
  • 2014  Jeep  Wrangler (JK)  Sahara  
  • 2014  Jeep  Wrangler (JK)  Sport  
  • 2013  Jeep  Wrangler (JK)  Rubicon  
  • 2013  Jeep  Wrangler (JK)  Sahara  
  • 2013  Jeep  Wrangler (JK)  Sport  
  • 2012  Jeep  Wrangler (JK)  Rubicon  
  • 2012  Jeep  Wrangler (JK)  Sahara  
  • 2012  Jeep  Wrangler (JK)  Sport  
  • 2011  Jeep  Wrangler (JK)  Rubicon  
  • 2011  Jeep  Wrangler (JK)  Sahara  
  • 2011  Jeep  Wrangler (JK)  Sport  
  • 2011  Jeep  Wrangler (JK)  70th Anniversary  
  • 2010  Jeep  Wrangler (JK)  Rubicon  
  • 2010  Jeep  Wrangler (JK)  Sahara  
  • 2010  Jeep  Wrangler (JK)  X  
  • 2010  Jeep  Wrangler (JK)  Sport  
  • 2009  Jeep  Wrangler (JK)  Rubicon  
  • 2009  Jeep  Wrangler (JK)  Sahara  
  • 2009  Jeep  Wrangler (JK)  X  
  • 2008  Jeep  Wrangler (JK)  X  
  • 2008  Jeep  Wrangler (JK)  Sahara  
  • 2008  Jeep  Wrangler (JK)  Rubicon  
  • 2007  Jeep  Wrangler (JK)  Rubicon  
  • 2007  Jeep  Wrangler (JK)  Sahara  
  • 2007  Jeep  Wrangler (JK)  X