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Jet Performance Products Accu-Speed Speedometer Calibrator - 50110


  • Jet Performance Products | Part Number: JET50110
  • Adjust for tire sizes up to:No Limit
  • Adjusts for gear changes:Adjusts for gear changes
  • Fitment:Direct Fit
  • Adjusts for tire sizes down to:No Limit
  • Reads Trouble Codes:Does Not Read Trouble Codes


Easy speedometer correction for different tire sizes. Compensates for gear ratio changes. Adjusts with the turn of the switch.


Question & Answers

3 Answered questions

Is this product permanently installed or can it be used to program additional vehicles......I have 2 2006 Jeep Rubicons and would like to use it to program both.

Asked by Paul from Lake Havasu City, AZ on

Paul, these Jet Accu-Speed Speedometer Calibrators hook up inline with the Jeeps ECU. So if you need to have two vehicles calibrated you will need two Speedometer Calibrators.

Answered by Jason L from Lake Havasu City, AZ on

In addition to correcting the speedometer reading for tire size change, does it also correct the odometer reading for actual mileage driven from the time of installation forward?

Asked by Larry from on

Yes, by changing the speedometer reading, the odometer reading will change accordingly from the time of installation forward. Thanks!

Answered by Craig R. from on

Will I need to reset the computer after the battery has gone dead and has been disconnected?

Asked by from on

You will not need to reset the computer if you have a loss of power or battery disconnection. The Accu-Speed Speedometer Calibrator stores the changes on the vehicles ECU Computer, so all you would need to do is get your power back and the vehicle and Speedometer Calibrator will be ready to function properly.

Answered by Jamey from on


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