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Jammock 2.0 Jeep Roll Bar Hammocks



The Jammock is an ideal summertime or anytime accessory for Jeep owners who attend jamborees, tailgate or relax out on the trail. Jammock is a company whose one product was born out of good, old fashioned U.S. Army ingenuity. A U.S. Army infantryman by the name of James purchased a 2002 Jeep Wrangler X while stationed in Fort Benning, Texas. He jerry-rigged a Wrangler hammock out of a commissary hammock-mini. James liked the concept, but wasn't crazy about the execution, so over the years he kept re-jiggering the process. Finally in 2012, James settled on producing a Jeep hammock from 1000 denier Cordura nylon-one, a fabric with high tensile strength and high UV resistance. It worked so well that James decided to launch the Jammock and the Jeep community applauds him for it. Shop Jammock Now