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HornBlasters Motor-Driven OOOGAH/Klaxon Horn (Chrome) - EH-OOGAH-C

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  • HornBlasters | Part Number: H/BEH-OOGAH-C
  • Fitment:Universal Fit


This novelty car horn brings back the sound of yesteryear, 1908 to be exact. This horn emits the famous klaxon sound, Awooga! The klaxon name, from the Greek word klazo, to shriek, is famous for its use as a submarine dive alarm, and on early twentieth century cars. The horns' characteristic sound is produced by repeatedly striking a rivet in the center of a spring-steel diaphragm with the teeth of a rotating cogwheel. Even small klaxons can be noisy, and louder models are devastating in close quarters. This sound is the preferred choice for town evacuation alarms. This horn produces a hefty 112 dB and will be recognized everywhere you go. The horn features a simple two wire hookup and runs from your cars 12v battery (terminals and mounting studs included). It measures 10" length and 4" around. The horns feature a beautiful chrome finish and on-demand quality sound.


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