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The factory locker in my 2004 TJ Rubicon has begun to fail after 180K miles. The 03-06 factory lockers are non-serviceable and you cannot obtain the factory locker mechanism new from Chrysler anymore. Since there is a laundry list of other small problems with my factory axle I'm considering purchasing one of these premade bolt-in axles but have a few questions. The control arm brackets welded to this axle assembly, are they made of thicker steel than the factory mounts? Or to put it another way; How thick is the metal used to form the control arm brackets on these G2 axles? Also in relation to front upper control arms, are factory style bushings included/preinstalled in the axles upper control arm mounts? Lastly, With an ARB installed there will be a pipe fitting through the differential housing (where compressed air is supplied to engage the locker.) What size National Pipe Thread (NPT) will I need to connect a hose fitting?

Asked by Goattrail from Florida on

Hey Goattrail, the G2 Axle and Gear TJ Dana 44 Front Axle Assembly 4.88 Ratio 30 Spline Axles With ARB Air Locker does come with thicker axle brackets and are 1/4 inch. Bushings will already be in the axle for the upper control arms. There will be provisions for the air plumbing already in the axle housing. Thanks for your question.

Answered by Devin B. ext 4835 from Florida on

I will be ordering this axle this weekend from your company. I will also be ordering an ARB compressor from you. My question is about the ARB compressor...I placed the compact compressor in my cart, but I am not certain as to whether I will need any additional brackets, or whether the air line for the differential comes with either the axle or the compressor. If it does not, please point me to where I can find the air line. I plan to order from Quadratec the stainless brake line kit made by Classic Tube, as I could not find the preformed brake lines for the disc conversion on your site. I also plan to order the two E brake lines made by G2 from Ebay, as I could not find them on your site. I already have 4 new JKS control arms for the rear, and I plan to order a 4.56 ring and pinion with rebuild kit from G2 to regear the front D30 to 4.56, so I think that I will be set to perform the swap. Let me know if you think I missed anything that I may need to order, and compressor opinion

Asked by lawvol from Knoxville, TN on

Hi Lawvol, This G2 Axle and Gear TJ Dana 44 Rear Axle Assembly 4.56 Ratio 35 Spline Axles With ARB Air Locker And Disc Brakes comes with the required air lines for the ARB compressor, here's the compressor itself. We offer the appropriate emergency brake cables from G/2, however they are not currently on our 4WD site. Thanks for your inquiry.

Answered by Jim G Ext 4806 from Knoxville, TN on

Can this be ordered with the ARB locker diff cover instead of the aluminum cover? I have read about how the G2 cover sticks out really close to the gas tank skid.

Asked by lawvol from knoxville, tn on

lawvol, the G2 Axle and Gear TJ Dana 44 Rear Axle Assembly 4.88 Ratio 35 Spline Axles With ARB Air Locker And Disc Brakes cannot be changed, but you can order your diff cover of choice separately. Thanks for the question!

Answered by Sara H. Ext 4874 from knoxville, tn on

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