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Flex-A-Lite Universal Electric 16 Inch Fan - 398

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  • Flex-A-Lite | Part Number: FLX398
  • Blade style:S-Blade
  • Fan type:Pusher/Puller
  • Fan Style:Single
  • Fitment:Universal Fit
  • Size:16 inch


  • Flex-a-lite Trimline Electric straight blade and s-blade fans are reversible to function a pusher or puller type fan. Puller type fans can be used as a primary fan in place of the stock mechanical fan
  • pusher fans ae typically used as an auxiliary fan to complement the original mechanical fan. While cooling statistics are virtually the same, s-blade fans are designed for quieter operation. Features 8 - S blades for quiet cooling, 2500 CFM (3-3/4 thick). Requires 16-5/8 x 15-3/4 x 4 mounting surface. Switches and wiring sold separately.


Question & Answers

1 Answered question

Which way should the fan blade face in puller mode when looking at it towards the center name plate? Forward S or backward S?

Asked by paulj from dallas, tx on

Paulj, if you are standing in front of your engine looking at the back of the radiator and you put the Flex-A-Lite Universal Electric 16" Fan in as a puller fan you will see the fan motor and the fan blades should make an "S". You can see a little better here on the install instructions. http://jo.my/s-blade_fan_instructions

Answered by Jason L from dallas, tx on


Fife, Washington-headquartered Flex-a-lite has specialized in performance cooling products for over 50 years. The company's innovative "flex fan" concept reduces drag on engines and increases horsepower to the wheels. Performance components include radiators, electric and belt-driven fans and oil and fuel coolers, and Flex-a-lite's team of engineers is dedicated to innovation and thorough product testing. "Still Makin' It in the USA" is their motto and Flex-a-lite products have a reputation for being durable, fuel efficient and easy to install. We carry a variety of parts and accessories for Jeeps ranging from radiators to cooling fans to fan blades and off-roaders count on their proven track record for improving overall engine performance. Shop Flex-A-Lite Now