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EBC Brakes Stage 3 Truck and SUV Front Brake Kit - S3KF1193


  • EBC Brakes | Part Number: EBCS3KF1193
  • Rotor Type:Dimpled and Slotted
  • Position:Front
  • Fitment:Direct Fit
  • Includes Brake Lines:Does Not Include Brake Lines
  • In_Stock:In Stock
  • Brake Position:Front
  • In_Stock:In Stock
  • Rotors Coated:Rotors Coated


Manufactured using premium disc blanks mentioned above, the unique wide aperture slots in the EBC sport rotor actually draw cool air under the pad during heavy braking and reduce brake temperatures whilst also helping remove dirt, dust and debris and gasses created by heavy braking from the pad contact area. They also improve braking in off road conditions of wet, mud or sand and as such are a great choice for 4x4 vehicles. Blind drilled holes eliminate the chance of rotor cracking which is common with through drilled or completely drilled vent holes.


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EBC Brakes have been keeping off-roaders safe with superior stopping power for over 35 years. As the world's largest producer of brake pads and brake discs, the company's range of products fuses technology, quality control and in-house research to ensure high safety standards. Among EBC's offerings are aramid brake pads, ceramic brake pads, sintered brakes and carbon long-life brake pads, which are all handcrafted and designed for the utmost in performance. If you're looking to cut corners on the cost of brakes, EBC's components are not for you. The company takes pride in their parts and processes don't skimp on quality and stress the importance of off-roading safety. Shop EBC Brakes Now

This Product Fits the Following:

  • 2013  Suzuki  Grand Vitara  Base  
  • 2013  Suzuki  Grand Vitara  Limited  
  • 2013  Suzuki  Grand Vitara  Premium  
  • 2012  Suzuki  Grand Vitara  Base  
  • 2012  Suzuki  Grand Vitara  Limited  
  • 2012  Suzuki  Grand Vitara  Premium  
  • 2012  Suzuki  Grand Vitara  Ultimate Adventure Edition  
  • 2011  Suzuki  Grand Vitara  Base  
  • 2011  Suzuki  Grand Vitara  Limited  
  • 2011  Suzuki  Grand Vitara  Premium  
  • 2010  Suzuki  Grand Vitara  Base  
  • 2010  Suzuki  Grand Vitara  Limited  
  • 2010  Suzuki  Grand Vitara  Premium  
  • 2010  Suzuki  Grand Vitara  XSport  
  • 2009  Suzuki  Grand Vitara  XSport  
  • 2009  Suzuki  Grand Vitara  Luxury  
  • 2009  Suzuki  Grand Vitara  Base  
  • 2009  Suzuki  Grand Vitara  Premium  
  • 2008  Suzuki  Grand Vitara  XSport  
  • 2008  Suzuki  Grand Vitara  Luxury  
  • 2008  Suzuki  Grand Vitara  Base  
  • 2007  Suzuki  Grand Vitara  Base  
  • 2007  Suzuki  Grand Vitara  Luxury  
  • 2007  Suzuki  Grand Vitara  XSport  
  • 2006  Suzuki  Grand Vitara  Base  
  • 2006  Suzuki  Grand Vitara  Luxury  
  • 2006  Suzuki  Grand Vitara  Premium  
  • 2006  Suzuki  Grand Vitara  XSport