Replacement Top Dash Storage System


  • Position: Upper
  • Color: Black
  • Material: Plastic
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  • Fits 2007 to 2010 Wrangler, Rubicon and Unlimited
  • 2 and 4-door models
  • Factory fit and finish
  • Made in the USA


  • Fits 2007 to 2010 Wrangler, Rubicon and Unlimited
  • 2 and 4-door models
  • Factory fit and finish
  • Made in the USA


Average Customer Ratings

4.3 4.3
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JDR - 2 months ago
Didn't fit my personal tastes

Easy to install but I didn't like the way it looked. The front tray also was a little too small for my needs. I also had an issue with one of the corners not staying down but that may have been a defective issue with the specific one I received. If I had liked how it looked I would have exchanged it for another to see if it had the same issue. Instead I returned for refund and re-installed the factory panel.

Jimbo - 2 months ago
Good Idea

Much needed added storeage to dash area.

cow - 2 months ago
Replacement Top Dash Storage System

will be a great fathers day surprise from the kids.

RD - 2 months ago
Great work as advertised

Great place to put your oakley sunglasses. The cutout is awesome for the iphone.

Yeeper - 2 months ago
offers needed space

shipment on time,fits great, EZ install

bwilkinstamu08 - 2 months ago
Easy Dash Upgrade

Easy to install, giving you a much more usable space than stock dash component.

Benfield - 2 months ago
Dash Tray

Perfect fit. Just as described.

Missy - 2 months ago
Love it!

My phone & things kept sliding off the dash. I needed a holder there to keep them from sliding down to the windshield and dropping behind my dash. I love the dash storage! Fits my needs perfectly!!

madcowtipper23 - 2 months ago
Great Product!!!

Great product but surface is slick. Easy fix with the addition of some no slip tape. Overall easy installation.

Texas Jeeper - 2 months ago
Works as expected.

Easy to install. Adds a bit of extra storage space for a cell phone, sun glasses, etc. It's one of the cheaper mods you can do, no complaints at all.

Willy - 2 months ago
dash tray

Could be just one deeper pocket with nonslip stuff on bottom.

Phatts - 2 months ago
Nice & Useful Addition

This dash topper is great. I added a non slip surface to keep items from sliding to fix that. The pocket indents could be a bit deeper. Other than that a great product

george - 2 months ago
worked well

all the above answers

djreida - 2 months ago
Great Item

Great item only suggestion would be some sort of rubberized non skid lining for comparments.

Big Daddy P-master - 2 months ago
Well made

Only con I can find in this idem is that a non-slip surface would serve well to keep this from sliding in a turn. Otherwise, always happy with Daystar products.

Cs - 2 months ago
A good feature adding functionality

Need to add something to avoid items on it to slide out of the tray

Wrangler Unlimited - 2 months ago
Does good job

Looks good and is functional. Note: will need to add rubber in the tray compartments to keep items from sliding.

Wrangler Unlimited - 2 months ago
Functional but could be improved

Does a good job once I added non slip surface to prevent items from sliding off

KenB - 2 months ago
Usefull and Easy

This dash top strage is great. It could use a non slip surface to keep items form sliding but I can fix that. The pocket indents could be a bit deeper. Other than that a great product

Kenb1023 - 2 months ago
Jeep Should Put These in New Rigs

The Dash Storage is great. Jeep should do this as a stock item. The only real down side is that the pockest are slick and items wil slide side to side. I think a rubber insert will stop that.

10Rsaxman - 2 months ago
Great Dash Addition

Easy way to keep things you always toss up on the dash from sliding around.

Da Cleaner - 2 months ago
Nice addition

Go get yourself some toolbox slip resistant pads and cut to fit in storage spaces. This will help your stuff from slidding out and landing on the floor.

Mike - 2 months ago
Nice Product Upgrade

Nice upgrade to the original useless panel. Very easy to install and looks great. Highly recommend this piece of equipment. Thanks

Ash - 2 months ago
Must have

gives your jeep a little extra storage that it is lacking

Roy - 2 months ago
Great addition to your Jeep

Keeps your GPS from sliding around on the dash when offroad along with a great place to put your cell phone.

Pete - 2 months ago
Good product, but some fitment issues

The product does a decent job of holding smaller things, like sunglasses, but GPSs will slide right off. I attached rubberized liner to the storage pockets to help with items sliding off. The color matches very well, and overall it looks pretty stock. It is a little on the flimsy side, but nothing that will affect its usefulness.

ahren - 2 months ago
perfect addon to the interior

perfect addon to the interion purchased one for my salf and another for a friend he says its the best item he has put into his jeep

fmg - 2 months ago
Easy installation

Nice for holding small items on the dash. Requires re-using small metal clips from original panel. It would be easier to install if the new panel included the clips.

DB - 2 months ago
Exactly as expected

I have little experience working on vehicles and this was a cinch to install. It matches the finish of the interior and is exactly as promised. 2 downsides: compartments are a little small - you can't fit a wallet or phone flat in the large back section; being on the dash, your phone will get extremely hot - my own fault for not thinking that through. Just a heads up

spongebob - 2 months ago
I would recommend it!!

nice finish and useful for the cell, radio and/or sunglasses

Coastside JK - 2 months ago
5 minute easy install

It took longer to puchase it then install it.

2nd Jeep - 2 months ago
Great idea

This Storage tray is a great idea for anyone witha an iPhone or other mp3 player/ cell phone that they want to use while diving. I use it to hold my iPhone horizontally and use the gps. Also its a perfect match with the rest of the rest of my interior trim. I had something similar in my last jeep and knew I needed one when I bought my JK.

WVWannabe - 2 months ago
Daystore, not Daystar!

There are not a lot of places in the JK to park glasses, phones, GPS devices, etc. This dashtop replacement is a HUGE improvement! The piece mounts as OEM with the compass sensor mount underneath perfectly executed. I have added some non-skid pads to the surface, but thats all it needs.

Porchdog - 2 months ago
DayStar Dash Storage

So easy to install, even a cave man can do it.

JPJNKY - 2 months ago

I use it to hold my phone and wallet while I drive. It's very convenient. The back pocket is deep and can hold quite a bit. The front pocket is shallow but has no problem keeping my iPhone in it. The plastic was warped in the front. I figure I can fix it but I was a little disappointed I have to fix something I just bought. Maybe it was just mine. Overall, from the convenience factor, I rate this as a must have!

EnFuego - 2 months ago
Should be a standard item

Nice design, however the items in the trays will slide out more often than staying put. If the unit came with gel sticky pad liners it would be perfect

mac - 2 months ago
does what it says

I bought this for cell phones and ipod,can only get 2 out of 3 in it at the same time,but the fit and finish very good !

walt - 2 months ago
luv it fit and finish is like factory

luv it

Ed - 2 months ago
Great Product, a Must Have.

One of the best Daystar products I've purchased and own. A must have if you on the road and would like to put your items somewhere while keeping your cup holders empty.

lj - 2 months ago

looks nice holds phone and sun glasses. no sliding off dash anymore

12 Dogs - 2 months ago
Daystar dash insert for Wrangler

It works, looks close to OEM, is easy to install and creates some badly needed easy access storage space.

dennis1948 - 2 months ago
Very functual

Great for cell phone

Akazbaker - 2 months ago
Isn't designed to hold much.

Doesn't have much function as designed

Rage - 2 months ago
Fits the bill, but not quite top notch

Installation was very easy, instructions very easy to follow. You have to disconnect and reconnect the compass unit which reattaches below the front tray. I think battery devices like a cell phone mess with it's function. Material is cheap plastic. I'd be willing to pay a few more bucks for one that has rubber mats in the trays like most drink holders do. Overall - good value for the price.

JTACBIFF - 2 months ago
Top Notch Dash System

Jeep should have added this years ago. The only thing that would make it better is adding a rubberized coating to the storage space.

dusty roads - 2 months ago
picture have a 1000 words

The product is used primarily for holding my navigation phone as well. I became disappointed when I screwed in the Jeeps compass unit onto the daystar dash piece and the receiving holes began to crack and break. Then the 2nd disappointment came when the installation was completed. The piece itself did not sit flush with the the rest of the dash. I expected just a little bit more from daystar this molded plastic piece ...

Marco Polo - 2 months ago
Cool product, but..

I really like this product it makes use of otherwise dead space, but I noticed that when I lay my cellphone in the compartment that it throws the compass off course. Since the vehicles compass is located just beneath the tray for some reason the compass will freeze or give wrong direction indications.

redjeep - 2 months ago
Dash replacement piece of cake

Piece of cake to install, good value for 07 Jeep Wrangler. [...]

OilmanPZL - 2 months ago
Easy installation and looks good.

Great for sunglasses, IPods and cell phones. Looks good. Would like to see more choice of colors.

Bill C - 2 months ago
Does What it says

Perfect product to keep small items handy, phone, sunglasses ect. Have not had to search for phone since installing.

Jomama56 - 2 months ago
Replacement Dash Storage Tray

This is a great tray for having my stuff easy to access. The only other real storage in my Jeep is in a box in the console or glove box., Easy to install, but doesn't look as good as the original because the sides do not fill in the space correctly, leaving room for you to see thru the dash. The manufacter needs to make it fit tighter to cover that space, other than that is great.

D.R. D - 2 months ago
Top Dash

This item is much better the stock top dash. I get way more use out of this. My IPOD sits there and it is out of the way. Very Good Product.

kbak67 - 2 months ago
super easy install

literally 15 minute install. great to keep the GPS out of the already small windshield, and cheaper than most GPS mounts

Muffin Man Bran - 2 months ago
great price

nice effective use of space, however unattractive logo seems to cath the eye often. 5 min install time. also needs an antislip pad of objects placed in voids.

sahara2010 - 2 months ago
Looks great and functional.

This is one of the easies product to install and improve the look of the dash.

fortsmith - 2 months ago

Just as described. Easy to install, keeps your stuff easily accessible etc...

SSATXN - 2 months ago
Top Dash Storage System by Daystar

The product works well while driving on the road. Going off paved surfaces is a different story, I found the recessed slots are not deep enough to keep your items securely in place. With deeper slots I feel this would be a good upgrade to any rig. I would recommend to anyone.

loujack33 - 2 months ago
Easy install for more storage

This was easy to install and allows for a place to put your glasses, phone, gps or whatever. Just make sure you put the compass on exactly how it came off or your directions will be backwards. But it was an easy fix.

JK Convert - 2 months ago
Great use of space

Very functional use of the space. It is priced right and easy to replace - just don't lose the mounting clips.

Tom - 2 months ago
Makes good use of dash space

Nice for storing sun glassed and cell phone

nor the hammer - 2 months ago
great ideal

great for holding your phone,glasses,gps.

Williewvr - 2 months ago
no more self cleaning dash

quick easy install just follow the instructions. the clips are easy to remove from the old cover if you look at the pictures Daystar provides with the unit. took 5 minutes and no more chasing my shades around the dash till they fall off

GE Super Nurse - 2 months ago
A great way to add needed storage.

This product provides easy storage and access to sunglasses, phone, etc.

Txprowler - 2 months ago
Great place to keep your cell phone

Great product and easy to install. I keep my cell phone and sun glasses in it and they don't slide out.

REELNMN - 2 months ago
Top Dash Storage System by Daystar

Finally a place to put my phone!

CoMike - 2 months ago
Great - why didn't Jeep include this!

Simple to install and works great!

Arnis - 2 months ago
Nice storage ugly logo

This product works well but having their logo in your face like that is really distracting. It's obnoxious and takes away from the look of your interior. I don't know if I can really recomend it. There needs to be a way to cover up the logo.

krawler - 2 months ago
these guys are so awesome,perfect every

this item was an exact fit,instructions were great,simple to install

JK Rolling - 2 months ago
Simple addition makes a big difference

This top dash replacement is a great product that makes good use of valuable unused space. Very simple to install and adds a convenient location for your phone, sunglasses, or whatever fits. I would reccomend this product.

mwbmorley - 2 months ago
Nice system, but be careful!!

This is a great product that works well and looks great in my 2010 JK. This is something that Jeep should have built directly from the factory. Be careful if you put a cell phone in the tray as the phone cause interference with the compass unit which is mounted directly below the tray.

Todd C. - 2 months ago
Nice Product

This product is very useful for holding items for easy access while driving

Qaliber - 2 months ago
Easy to install and useful

Holds ID badge and sunglasses

Josh - 2 months ago
Great Fit and Finish but...

I got this for my buddy's birthday. It is very easy to install if you have two additional clips that only Jeep sells. The clips that come on the original dash insert are impossible to remove without bending them. Once you bend them they break up really easy. We got them on to his dash replacement but then the clips broke right when we pressed it into place. If I was Daystar I would include two new clips with every dash kit.

CR - 2 months ago
excellent product

works as intended, great place for cell

Riddler - 2 months ago
Great product for the money!!

This dash piece is awesome and a great idea for anyone needing a little extra storage or just wanting a new look.. Just be careful when taking the old off, the metal retainer clips will fall off. The new one does not come with these, it should.

PanthersFan - 2 months ago
Could be better

Two issues with this product: 1) The dash clips required to install the product do not come with the product. The expectation is that you will use the clips off of the existing dash panel. When I removed the panel for a radio modification, the clips fell into the dash. I never replaced them because the factory panel fits fine without them. This leads to the second issue: 2) The Daystar Panel does not fit well. The front lip is to tight, leaving a noticeable gap in the front center between the panel and the other trim. I've tried to install this twice, harvesting clips from other parts of the dash and have given up. Good idea, poor design.

Captain88 - 2 months ago
A must have for your JK Wrangler!

This storage system holds my sunglasses and iphone perfectly. They do not slide around either which is was afraid of when I purchased it.

TAP - 2 months ago
Great product, super easy to install

Super easy to install, it keeps glasses and what ever else from sliding off the dash when turning.

M&M - 2 months ago
Adds needed storage

The dash should have been designed with storage like this from the beginning.

David B. db99wj - 2 months ago
Great Addition

For the Jeep JK. Great place to store sunglasses, pen, camera, paper, GPS, cell phone. Very easy to install, took about 10 minutes. The fit and finish look factory, if you didn't know about these Jeeps, you would think that it came that way from the factory. Got to be careful with your cell phone on the front compartment area (closest to you) if you have the compass. The compass module is underneath that area and your cell phone will cause your directions to be incorrect. I have a GPS on my cell phone and I put velcro on the rear area and the compass works fine. You will need to add some felt, or rubber material, or cloth in the compartments to minimize sliding, they are just hard plastic. I have a piece of cloth (sunglasses cleaning cloth) down temporarily to stop any sliding. Other than that, great product, easy to install, directions are straight forward, and very functional. It really should be like this from the factory.

JG - 2 months ago
Convenient use of space

A very easy to install option that uses an area Jeep failed to use. This item provides a very convenient place to put small items that tend to get buried, cell phones, parking stubs, toll booth change, etc. Do wish the manufacturer had not embossed their company slogan on the front of the unit, does not affect the utility but does slightly distract from the overall appearance.

Jupiter Sahara - 2 months ago
A little xtra storage for the JK.

It gives you an additional storage space for cell phones, change, pens, etc. that is easy to reach and at eye level. There are two separate trays. The trays could be deeper to make it more functional. It was an easy installation and the directions were good.

Sooner Gene - 2 months ago
You can't use it for electronics.

You cannot place cell phones and related items, it causes the compass to malfuction. Check in the owners manual. I still use mine for storage but wish I could use it for cell phone.

JK - 2 months ago
Works well

Looks good, and easy to install. I wish it had "non-slip" substance on the bottom of the two compartments. I thought it did when I bought it, but so far the cell phone stays put. Because of the lack of a non-slip surface, the eyeglasses move around a bit, but I'm going to add some material to the bottom of the trays to make them truly non-slip.

David - 2 months ago
Extra storage always helpful

Needed more storage for all the electronics and this product gave us the space we needed. More cubbies would be helpful, but this works for what we were needing on the dash

MIKE - 2 months ago
Ideas that work


njlowtone - 2 months ago
Nice Product

added some much needed on dash storage for GPS and phone

Gibbsey - 2 months ago
Good looks and styling don't come cheap

Items stay put unless you're off-road

flyingbrian - 2 months ago
over priced but good

ok i had to get one for the JK due to no storage space for misc. items. it was easy to install. but I think i installed the compass backwards because the direction is reversed( driving east and compass read West) I will do a 180 on it when I get a chance. also I cut some extra kitchen shelf liner that I bought from Ikea and glued it to the two inserts to keep the items from sliding around. I love it my cell phone and Ipod are staying in place. good item but I think it should cost around 12 to 15 dollars.

Charvey9 - 2 months ago
Not bad for the $.

Better than the OEM dash panel, but the trays are too small to be very useful. They are not big enough to hold my cell phone, Ipod, or GPS. I'd prefer one big tray or tray's lined with rubber to prevent things from slipping. I've seen some versions (for the TJ I think) that have an elastic strap to hold things in place which would have been nice. Overall though, it is cheap and better than stock so it is worth the purchase.

Question & Answer

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how difficult is this to install? Do I have to take the dash apart?

Asked on

Hello, to install the Daystar Replacement Top Dash Storage System you just use a screw driver and pop the old panel off and there are two metal clips you take off the old panel and install on the new panel. Once the old panel is off under it is a compass module if you have a compass feature in the jeep. You unscrew the two screws and install it on to the new panel and then you just push the panel down in place and lock in the two clips and you're done. The Daystar Replacement Top Dash Storage System will come with install instructions. Thank you!

This Product Fits the Following:

  • 2010   Jeep   Wrangler   Rubicon  
  • 2010   Jeep   Wrangler   Sahara  
  • 2010   Jeep   Wrangler   Unlimited Rubicon  
  • 2010   Jeep   Wrangler   Unlimited Sahara  
  • 2010   Jeep   Wrangler   Unlimited X  
  • 2010   Jeep   Wrangler   X  
  • 2010   Jeep   Wrangler   Sport  
  • 2010   Jeep   Wrangler   Unlimited Sport  
  • 2007   Jeep   Wrangler   Rubicon  
  • 2007   Jeep   Wrangler   Sahara  
  • 2007   Jeep   Wrangler   Unlimited Rubicon  
  • 2007   Jeep   Wrangler   Unlimited Sahara  
  • 2007   Jeep   Wrangler   Unlimited X  
  • 2007   Jeep   Wrangler   X  
  • 2008   Jeep   Wrangler   X  
  • 2008   Jeep   Wrangler   Unlimited X  
  • 2008   Jeep   Wrangler   Unlimited Sahara  
  • 2008   Jeep   Wrangler   Unlimited Rubicon  
  • 2008   Jeep   Wrangler   Sahara  
  • 2008   Jeep   Wrangler   Rubicon  
  • 2009   Jeep   Wrangler   Rubicon  
  • 2009   Jeep   Wrangler   Sahara  
  • 2009   Jeep   Wrangler   Unlimited Rubicon  
  • 2009   Jeep   Wrangler   Unlimited Sahara  
  • 2009   Jeep   Wrangler   Unlimited X  
  • 2009   Jeep   Wrangler   X  

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