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Coyote Enterprises Internal Boltless Beadlock 17 Inch Set of 4 - CEB1779-4

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The Coyote Enterprises Internal Boltless Beadlock is a tire within a tire. It divides the tires air chamber into two separate compartments and thus has two valve stems. One is for the tire and the other for the beadlock. Think of the beadlock Case as a mini-tire and hence its parts are named the same. There is a Tread, two Sidewalls and two Beads. A heavy duty inner tube within the beadlock Case forces the Case to take shape and do its job. The inner tube is inflated up to 50 PSI and forces/pinches both tire beads against the wheel. There are several advantages over conventional, mechanical beadlocks. You can use your existing wheels. They lock both the outside and inside tire beads to the wheel. This prevents the inside tire bead from burping air. There are no balance issues. There are no DOT issues, hence they are street legal. The bead locks are wheel size specific, but regarding the tires, no. If kept properly inflated, the beadlock will last you through many sets of tires. Internal bead locks are being used in drag race vehicles in excess of 150 MPH and have been on the Baja 1000 Jeep Speed class winner for several years. They have also been on Paris to Dakar and Outback Challenge winning vehicles throughout the world. There is a 1 year limited warranty on material and workmanship.


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Coyote Enterprises, LLC is a company that rose from the ashes of Staun Australia. In 2010, husband and wife team Mrs. Jenna and Mr. Harry Lewellyn decided to create their own beadlock company here in the United States after Staun Australia collapsed. The Lewellyn's spent two years developing a superior Jeep beadlock - the Boltless, Dual, Internal, Pneumatic Beadlock. It was a hit and it took off so well that it allowed them to develop their next Jeep product, the Coyoto Automatic Tire Deflator. These scrappy, California-based entrepreneurs did not let the collapse of their old company get in the way of developing great products for the family of Jeep drivers that are as passionate about quality parts. Shop Coyote Enterprises Now