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Body Armor 4x4 Tire Carriers

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Where can I order the adapters for the Hi-Lift Jack and gerry can mounting brackets as discussed in the overview? I am ordering this tire carrier along with the bumper (JK-2394) and wanted to catch things while on sale.

Asked by Mike from Colorado on

Hi Mike! Here are the links to the parts you asked about: Gas Can Adapter - Hi-Lift Adapter - Just add them to your cart when you are ready to check out!

Answered by Aaron S. from Colorado on

I have the tire carrier. Can I purchase the can braces,rack,cans as well as a high lift attachments?? I've seen on other sites and they want $300.00 Seems stupid whin the whole set is $395.00.

Asked by John from Arnold, MD on

Hey John, yes you can purchase the brackets, cans and hi-lift mounts separately for the Body Armor Swing Arm. The gas can mounts can be found here and the Hi-lift Mount can be found here We just received a shipment of Jerry cans and they will be on the site shortly, if you want to order them you can call us and we can get them on the way. The part number on the 5 Gallon Jerry cans is #MDW5800. Please let us know if you have any further questions, thanks.

Answered by Jamey P. from Arnold, MD on


Body Armor 4x4 produces extreme off-road equipment for Jeeps and trucks. The company was founded in the 1990s in Corona, California. Body Armor engineers its products to withstand the abuse of the trail over and over while personalizing the look of your rig. Body Armor popular products include Jeep bumpers with integrated winch plates and multiple light mounting points, Trail doors that are predrilled for aftermarket mirrors plus thick nylon webbing to protect passengers from scraping branches and a very secure two position latch, plus rock steps that also function as sliders. All Body Armor parts are built for durability with a dual process powdercoat oversprayed with a textured finish and undersprayed with an e-coat. So corrosion resistance is quite strong. Shop Body Armor 4x4 Now

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