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Bestop Trektop with Tinted Windows and without Doors (Black Diamond) - 56805-35


  • Bestop | Part Number: BST56805-35
  • Doors Included:Doors Not Included
  • Hardware:Hardware not Included
  • In_Stock:In Stock
  • Window Type:Tinted
  • Color:Black Diamond
  • Fitment:Direct Fit
  • In_Stock:In Stock


OE premium fabric that maintains its shape in any temperature, mildew resistant, contains UV inhibitor. Door surrounds and tinted windows are included with kit. Easy roll back canopy for that open air experience. Exposes front cab on 2 door and front and rear cab in 4 door. Removable rear curtain. Easy installation (no bows).



Lots of Wind Noise

Easy to install and to roll back to expose the front and back seats. Lots of wind noise coming from front corners and flaps very bad with windows open. Door surrounds are metal bars and not like the factory surrounds that come with factory soft top. They don't fit as well.

from Lathrop, MO |
Packaged well with all parts

Although it is winter and I have not installed yet. It looks easy to install and all parts are there.

from Chicago, IL |
Nice top

The Trektop with Tinted Windows and without Doors in Black Diamond is a nice summertime top for hardtop model. It has a really good price point and comes with everything needed to install. It has a tight fit and is relatively quiet. The whole top can be removed for open air driving or the rear window can be taken out. The tinted windows cut down on cabin temperatures and add privacy.It can be a bit difficult to install the first time due to the tight fitment of it.

from Ohio |
Looks great, one small hiccup

The top looks great now that it is on. It went on very easily except for one bolt/nut combination that got stripped. I don't know how I will get it off after the summer. Easy installation. Make sure you watch a instructional video beforehand.

from Canton, MI |
Sent back

Likely a good top. Returned for different top that could have a bikini-like coverage over four seats with removable 3 rear windows. This top can only removed the rear facing window. The side two windows in the rear are part of the top and are not removable.

from Chantilly, VA |
Back side windows do not come off

Product good for user who does not typically take off back three window of a soft top. The two side windows are not removable (only the back window).

from Fairfax, VA |

Question & Answers

18 Answered questions

Installed a few days ago on my 2012 Jeep wrangler unlimited sport... Lots of wind noise from front corners. Seems to be coming from a pinky size gap in those front corner flaps when the doors are closed... how to fix ?

Asked by Mel from United States on

Hi Mel i would try to take off the Bestop Trektop with Tinted Windows and without Doors and reinstall. if you sell have problems i would call our warrenty department or best top. IF you have any other quyestions feel free to ask. Thanks,

Answered by roy ext 4928 from United States on

Are all 3 back windows removable?

Asked by faith from Dallas, TX on

Faith, the Bestop Trektop with Tinted Windows and without Doors does not allow you to take the windows out. If you wish to do that, then you will want the Trektop NX, found here:

Answered by Sara H. Ext 4874 from Dallas, TX on

I have a 2007 xl unlimited jeep wrangler four door..will this cover work well with this year. if i order nothing else is needed?

Asked by jv from north carolina on

Hello, Thies Bestop Trektop will work perfect with what you need and it comes with all the parts needed to install. If you have anymore questions feel free to ask, Thank you.

Answered by [email protected]833 from north carolina on

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This Product Fits the Following:

  • 2018  Jeep  Wrangler (JK)  Unlimited Rubicon  
  • 2018  Jeep  Wrangler (JK)  Unlimited Sahara  
  • 2018  Jeep  Wrangler (JK)  Unlimited Sport  
  • 2017  Jeep  Wrangler (JK)  Unlimited Rubicon  
  • 2017  Jeep  Wrangler (JK)  Unlimited Sahara  
  • 2017  Jeep  Wrangler (JK)  Unlimited Sport  
  • 2016  Jeep  Wrangler (JK)  Unlimited Rubicon  
  • 2016  Jeep  Wrangler (JK)  Unlimited Sahara  
  • 2016  Jeep  Wrangler (JK)  Unlimited Sport  
  • 2016  Jeep  Wrangler (JK)  Unlimited Sport S  
  • 2016  Jeep  Wrangler (JK)  Unlimited 75th Anniversary  
  • 2015  Jeep  Wrangler (JK)  Unlimited Rubicon  
  • 2015  Jeep  Wrangler (JK)  Unlimited Sahara  
  • 2015  Jeep  Wrangler (JK)  Unlimited Sport  
  • 2014  Jeep  Wrangler (JK)  Unlimited Rubicon  
  • 2014  Jeep  Wrangler (JK)  Unlimited Sahara  
  • 2014  Jeep  Wrangler (JK)  Unlimited Sport  
  • 2013  Jeep  Wrangler (JK)  Unlimited Rubicon  
  • 2013  Jeep  Wrangler (JK)  Unlimited Sport  
  • 2013  Jeep  Wrangler (JK)  Unlimited Sahara  
  • 2012  Jeep  Wrangler (JK)  Unlimited Rubicon  
  • 2012  Jeep  Wrangler (JK)  Unlimited Sahara  
  • 2012  Jeep  Wrangler (JK)  Unlimited Sport  
  • 2011  Jeep  Wrangler (JK)  Unlimited Rubicon  
  • 2011  Jeep  Wrangler (JK)  Unlimited Sahara  
  • 2011  Jeep  Wrangler (JK)  Unlimited Sport  
  • 2011  Jeep  Wrangler (JK)  Unlimited 70th Anniversary  
  • 2010  Jeep  Wrangler (JK)  Unlimited Rubicon  
  • 2010  Jeep  Wrangler (JK)  Unlimited Sahara  
  • 2010  Jeep  Wrangler (JK)  Unlimited X  
  • 2010  Jeep  Wrangler (JK)  Unlimited Sport  
  • 2009  Jeep  Wrangler (JK)  Unlimited Rubicon  
  • 2009  Jeep  Wrangler (JK)  Unlimited Sahara  
  • 2009  Jeep  Wrangler (JK)  Unlimited X  
  • 2008  Jeep  Wrangler (JK)  Unlimited X  
  • 2008  Jeep  Wrangler (JK)  Unlimited Sahara  
  • 2008  Jeep  Wrangler (JK)  Unlimited Rubicon  
  • 2007  Jeep  Wrangler (JK)  Unlimited Rubicon  
  • 2007  Jeep  Wrangler (JK)  Unlimited Sahara  
  • 2007  Jeep  Wrangler (JK)  Unlimited X