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I have a 1989 YJ and I didn't see a ball joint kit for the YJ. Does this kit or another kit from this brand fit a 1989 YJ with a Dana 30?

Asked by weedman from Minneapolis, KS on

Hi weedman, This Alloy USA Dana 30/44 Heavy Duty Ball Joints kit fits great on the YJ Wranglers also, 1987 on up. Thanks for your inquiry.

Answered by Jim G Ext 4806 from Minneapolis, KS on

Good Afternoon, I have a 2000 XJ with coil spacers installed to level the front end. Unsure of which axle I have in the front, it is factory. Just ned to verify these ball joints will fit my Jeep. Thanks. Dave

Asked by Dave from Rochester, NY on

Dave, the Alloy USA Dana 30/44 Heavy Duty Ball Joints will fit your XJ, as it should have a Dana 30 if it hasn't been changed from the factory. I hope this helps!

Answered by Sara H. Ext 4874 from Rochester, NY on

I have a 98 cherokee xj, and both of my front ball joints are clicking. Both while turning, and just driving strait. I'm a bit new to 4wheel drives as I just bought one to store my Mustang for the winter. So, might be a dumb question. But will these ball joints be all I need? I read somewhere u joints might also be needed. I have a guy for the install and he said both. Just wanted to be sure. Thanks!

Asked by Joshua from Bridgeport, WV on

Hello Joshua, The Alloy USA Dana 30/44 Heavy Duty Ball Joints will be all you need. However i would advise changing ujoints at the same time because the axles will be removed to change the ball joints. It is a cheaper fix now rather than later. Thanks for the great question.

Answered by Adam from Bridgeport, WV on


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