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AGR Super Box 2 - 262357


  • AGR | Part Number: AGR262357
  • Fitment:Direct Fit


This box has a variable ratio and fits vehicles with O-ring style hose connection. Super Box 2 has all the brute power that the Super Box 1 has to offer, but its engineered for the daily driver while not compromising off-road performance. Super Box 2 contains a variable turning ratio of 17:1 to 13:1 to allow for more stable highway control and less oversteer off-road. Super Box 2 has become known for its sport valving, firm feel and superior on and off-road handling.



Question & Answers

4 Answered questions

what kind of warrenty does it have?

Asked by Tom from Boca Raton, Fl on

Hi Tom The warrenty on the Super Box 2 is 90 days through AGR. Thanks

Answered by LWiff ext 4804 from Boca Raton, Fl on

I have an 85 CJ-7 with a 350 Chevy engine conversion. I want to upgrade my steering box to the Super Box 2. So two questions: 1. Would the stock power steering pump on a standard 350 Chevy be compatible and have enough pressure for the Super Box 2. 2. Is the AGR power steering pump bolt on compatible to a 350 Chevy? or does AGR make one that is a 350 bolt on.

Asked by 85Renegade from VA on

Hello 85Renegade, The AGR Super Box 2 will work with your factory pump. However it does not put out as much pressure as the Super Pump. You should have no problem using the Superpump for your Chevy engine since AMC used Chevy pumps. Thanks for the inquiry.

Answered by Adam from VA on

I have a 1984 CJ-7 I want to replace the steering gear box with AGR262357, do I need to replace the power steering pump also?

Asked by no nickname from Douglasville, GA on

Hey No Nickname, you would need to do the AGR pump also to get the right pressure to the AGR box. Thanks for your question.

Answered by Devin B. ext 4835 from Douglasville, GA on

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Steerco is a maker of performance aftermarket Jeep steering products under the brand name Steerco and, as of December 2015, under the brand name American Gold Racing "AGR." Steerco is based in Fort Worth, Texas and all AGR and Steerco products are manufactured in the United States. AGR Jeep gear boxes, Jeep steering boxes, steering systems and pumps all come with the Steerco guarantee. Steerco can offer this guarantee because with their manufacturing taking place stateside, they dedicate a very high level of attention to quality manufacturing processes. Shop AGR Now

This Product Fits the Following:

  • 1986  Jeep  CJ7  Base  
  • 1986  Jeep  CJ7  Laredo  
  • 1986  Jeep  CJ7  Renegade  
  • 1985  Jeep  CJ7  Base  
  • 1985  Jeep  CJ7  Laredo  
  • 1985  Jeep  CJ7  Renegade  
  • 1985  Jeep  Scrambler  Base  
  • 1985  Jeep  Scrambler  Laredo  
  • 1985  Jeep  Scrambler  Renegade  
  • 1984  Jeep  CJ7  Base  
  • 1984  Jeep  CJ7  Renegade  
  • 1984  Jeep  Scrambler  Base  
  • 1984  Jeep  Scrambler  SR  
  • 1983  Jeep  CJ5  Base  
  • 1983  Jeep  CJ5  Laredo  
  • 1983  Jeep  CJ5  Limited  
  • 1983  Jeep  CJ5  Renegade  
  • 1983  Jeep  CJ7  Base  
  • 1983  Jeep  CJ7  Laredo  
  • 1983  Jeep  CJ7  Limited  
  • 1983  Jeep  CJ7  Renegade  
  • 1983  Jeep  Scrambler  Base  
  • 1983  Jeep  Scrambler  SL  
  • 1983  Jeep  Scrambler  SR  
  • 1982  Jeep  CJ5  Base  
  • 1982  Jeep  CJ5  Laredo  
  • 1982  Jeep  CJ5  Limited  
  • 1982  Jeep  CJ5  Renegade  
  • 1982  Jeep  CJ7  Base  
  • 1982  Jeep  CJ7  Laredo  
  • 1982  Jeep  CJ7  Limited  
  • 1982  Jeep  CJ7  Renegade  
  • 1982  Jeep  Scrambler  Base  
  • 1982  Jeep  Scrambler  SL  
  • 1982  Jeep  Scrambler  SR  
  • 1981  Jeep  CJ5  Base  
  • 1981  Jeep  CJ5  Laredo  
  • 1981  Jeep  CJ5  Renegade  
  • 1981  Jeep  CJ7  Base  
  • 1981  Jeep  CJ7  Laredo  
  • 1981  Jeep  CJ7  Renegade  
  • 1981  Jeep  Scrambler  Base  
  • 1980  Jeep  CJ5  Base  
  • 1980  Jeep  CJ5  Golden Eagle  
  • 1980  Jeep  CJ5  Laredo  
  • 1980  Jeep  CJ5  Renegade  
  • 1980  Jeep  CJ7  Base  
  • 1980  Jeep  CJ7  Golden Hawk  
  • 1980  Jeep  CJ7  Laredo  
  • 1980  Jeep  CJ7  Renegade