2005 JEEP WRANGLER LJ  - Pro Comp 1.75 Inch Leveling Lift Kit - PLJ09100 - PLJ09100 | 4WD.com
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2005 JEEP WRANGLER LJ  - Pro Comp 1.75 Inch Leveling Lift Kit - PLJ09100 - PLJ09100

Pro Comp 1.75 Inch Leveling Lift Kit - PLJ09100


  • Pro Comp Suspension | Part Number: EXPPLJ09100
  • Rear Lift Method (Where Applicable):Front Lift Only
  • In_Stock:In Stock
  • Front Lift Method:Coil Spring Spacers
  • Finish Color:Black
  • Position:Front
  • Fitment:Direct Fit
  • In_Stock:In Stock
  • Spacer Material:Polyurethane


Each Poly Lift Kit incorporates a precision computer aided designed coil spacer molded from a proprietary polyurethane formulation that provides a firm yet supple ride without sacrificing articulation on and off-road.


Question & Answers

3 Answered questions

I have a 2001 Jeep Wrangler Sahara with 31s and an aftermarket bumper. The bumper and winch that I have on it weigh the front end down considerably. Would this be a good method to bring the front end back to where it had stood originally? And would I need different size bump stops? Also how do these compare with the aluminum setup? Will these wear quicker than the aluminum procomps? What is the benefit of the aluminum vs. the poly?

Asked by Derek from United States on

Derek, this is exactly what you want to level out the front end. If you are flexing your suspension out as far as it can go on a regular basis I would invest in some longer bump stops. As far as which is the best material (aluminum or poly) I personally like the Polyurethane, I think they are a little quieter but I have never seen a failure or either style.

Answered by Jason L from United States on

I have a '98 Tj with a 2.5" suspension lift. Can I use this spacer on the front only to help " level" the front end, or will this create any problems you know of? Thanks, Ed

Asked by Ed from Waverly, OH on

Ed, the Pro Comp Suspension 1.75 Inch Leveling Kit can be used on the front end just fine. If you have heavy bumpers and a winch this kit will work perfect for you. If you have any other questions give me a call at extension 939. Thanks a lot!

Answered by Zach O. from Waverly, OH on

Why is there a max tire size for a coil spacer? Is the size limit for the overall lift itself or for this product in particular?

Asked by Justin from Fort Benning, GA on

Hi Justin, We list a max tire size because we have found that if you were to go any larger, you run the risk of rubbing the control arms or fenders under certain conditions. By listing this, we hope to eliminate any rubbing issues. We've found that for a 1-3/4 spacer lift, the 31" is as large a you can go across the board, regardless of brand.

Answered by Aaron S. from Fort Benning, GA on


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