1997 JEEP CHEROKEE XJ  - JcrOffroad Unibody Tie-in Kit with Steering Spacer - XJUNF-PC - XJUNF-PC | 4WD.com
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1997 JEEP CHEROKEE XJ  - JcrOffroad Unibody Tie-in Kit with Steering Spacer - XJUNF-PC - XJUNF-PC

JcrOffroad Unibody Tie-in Kit with Steering Spacer - XJUNF-PC


  • JcrOffroad | Part Number: JCRXJUNF-PC
  • Location:Front
  • Fitment:Direct Fit
  • In_Stock:In Stock
  • In_Stock:In Stock


JCR front bumpers mount to the standard 3-hole mounting pattern on the front of the Uniframe, this is the stock bumper mounting location and provides plenty of support for on-road driving and LIGHT vehicle recovery while off-road. The weakness of this mounting system is not the bumper brackets or the bolts themselves, its the leverage created by the bumper to tear the holes in the front of Uniframe with hard front or side pulls. For those looking for more recovery options off-road we offer our Crusader Uniframe Reinforcement kit (Because hey, we all get into situations we never thought we would)! The main brackets sandwich the outer Uniframe (using the standard 3-hole bolt pattern on the front of your XJ) and continue 14.5" down the Uniframe. Along the way (on the driver side) they brace all three of the steering box bolts, and run through the large sleeved hole about 12" from the front of the frame. The brackets also formed to bend underneath to tie in the swaybar mounting location for even more strength! Additional brackets are formed to tie the front factory bulkhead into the main Uniframe brackets, while reinforcing the front bumper mounting holes with 3/8" of additional material. Not only do these brackets distribute the forces you put on your bumper on a larger area, they brace the steering box by stiffening the Uniframe in that location, while also stiffening the whole front end of your Jeep. Price includes 2 main brackets, 2 bulkhead brackets, a steering spacer and all the bolts needed for the entire install! Also included are 3 new grade 8 steering box bolts.


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