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1987 JEEP J10  - Crown Automotive Starter Armature - J8120028 - J8120028

Crown Automotive Starter Armature - J8120028



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I am having starter problems on my 1976 CJ7 with 258 cu motor. Had new brushes made up for starter, new heavy duty solenoid fitted and when she been standing for a hile the starter just spins and does not swing motor. It woks after about 20 attempts, but strangely when drinving and stopping it works/ starts immediately. Is it the armature not building magnetic field, the point sets worn or the whole field coil in the starter? Thanks for the advice/ help. Peter

Asked by Peter from Cape Town, South Africa on

Hello Peter! I would say the armature or the field coil is getting weak not giving enough power to push the bendix out to engage to the flywheel. Could be the bushings are worn on each end of the armature shaft and the armature is rubbing against the coil field inside the starter. Would be best to just replace the complete starter with a new one. Thank you!

Answered by Bob H from Cape Town, South Africa on


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