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Zilla Strap Jeep Accessories & Parts

Zilla Straps are offered in various lengths in two different widths, 1" wide with 10,000 lb. break strength and 2" wide with 15,000 lb. break strength. The product was designed for offroaders, but is a handy emergency strap for anyone to keep in a vehicle, especially those living in cold climates where vehicles may get stuck in snow or ice. The Zilla line also offers protective sleeves that go over the strap at anchor points and protect the strap from abrasion.

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Zilla Recovery Tow Straps

Zilla Recovery Straps

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Zilla Strap 2" x 50' Recovery Strap (Orange) - ZILKIT2-50

Zilla Strap 2 Inch x 50 ft. Recovery Strap (Orange) - ZILKIT2-50
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Zilla Strap 2" x 35' Recovery Strap (Orange) - ZILKIT2-35

Zilla Strap 2 Inch x 35 ft. Recovery Strap (Orange) - ZILKIT2-35
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Zilla Strap 3.5" x 12" Zilla Sleeve (N/A) - ZILSLV316-1

Zilla Strap 3.5 Inch x 12 Inch Zilla Sleeve (N/A) - ZILSLV316-1
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Zilla Strap 3.5" x 48" Zilla Sleeve (N/A) - ZILSLV316-4

Zilla Strap 3.5 Inch x 48 Inch Zilla Sleeve (N/A) - ZILSLV316-4
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Zilla Strap 2" x 25' Recovery Strap (Orange) - ZILKIT2-25

Zilla Strap 2 Inch x 25 ft. Recovery Strap (Orange) - ZILKIT2-25
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Zilla Strap 2" x 20' Recovery Strap (Orange) - ZILKIT2-20

Zilla Strap 2 Inch x 20 ft. Recovery Strap (Orange) - ZILKIT2-20
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