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Jeep Offroad Traction Pads & Mats

4 Product Groups

    Smittybilt Element Ramps

    Smittybilt Mud Ramp
    4.0 4.0 (1)

    From $179.99

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    Rampage GripTrack Traction Mates

    Rampage GripTrack Traction Plate

    From $36.54

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    ARB Bushranger Sand Tracks

    ARB 4x4 Accessories Bushranger Sand Tracks

    From $254.99

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    Rugged Ridge Traction Recovery Kit

    Rugged Ridge Traction Recovery Kit

    From $153.99

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    An active jeeping lifestyle is bound to result in a few surprises. Whether plowing through soft beach sand, blazing along wintry trails or powering through gumbo, having the appropriate vehicle recovery equipment in tow boosts your chances of safe, efficient and successful retrieval. 4WD.com has what you need to be prepared for any off-road or on-road challenge thrown your way.

    Quality Parts
    As an off-roading enthusiast, you easily explore varied landscapes thanks to your Jeep's powerful, responsive and efficient handling. Investing in top quality equipment not only increases your odds of recovery in sticky, slippery or lax situations, but also assists in providing the peace of mind that accompanies proper preparation. At 4WD.com, we carry an assortment of convenient and effective Jeep traction pads from leading manufacturers such as Rampage Products, Smittybilt and ARB 4x4 Accessories that will have your Jeep gripping diverse surfaces and easily exiting difficult situations.

    Premium Hook Up
    Suitable for sandy, snowy and muddy conditions, our vehicle traction mats are sold in pairs, offer a universal fit and come with handy and durable storage cases. Seeking off-road traction mats that make easy work of loose terrain and extreme weather? Consider Smittybilt Element Ramps Traction Aids. Built to handle up to 7,700 pounds each, they deliver high traction and are constructed out of plastic reinforced with nylon. Looking for sand tracks for Jeeps? Try ARB Bushranger Sand Tracks, which feature a useful roll up design that affords stress-free stowage. While you're at it, take a look at Rampage GripTrack Traction Mats. Composed of break resistant plastic with raised, angled grips and six-sided edges, these versatile triple-paneled components permit numerous incline and position variations. Unsure which item is right for you? Consult our team of customer service experts for recommendations and guidance.

    Price Match Guarantee
    At 4WD.com, we understand that your busy routine leaves little time for comparisons or research. Shopping with us means paying the lowest prices backed by our forthright price match guarantee. Should you find a lower cost elsewhere within 90 days, we match it and refund the difference. Shop with confidence and complete your order today.

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    4 Products

    Smittybilt All Element Ramps Mud-Snow-Sand Traction Aids - 2790


    • Fitment: Universal Fit
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    ARB Bushranger Sand Tracks - 54X07


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    Rampage GripTrack - 7702



    • Fitment: Universal Fit
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    Rugged Ridge Traction Recovery Kit - 15104.46


    • Fitment: Universal Fit
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    Ships Free

    Getting stuck in the muck or burying your rig up to the axles can put an abrupt stop to backcountry adventures. Tools and specialized equipment are a necessity for serious off-roading and self-rescue events. For enthusiasts that spend a lot of their time on the trails, a winch is a worthwhile investment. However, if your excursions are limited to the occasional outing or heavy snow during the Winter and Spring, vehicle traction mats may be just what you need.

    Give 4WD a Boost
    Exploring unknown territory and blazing new trails can be an exciting way to spend the weekend.  Getting stranded in the middle of nowhere can put a damper on festivities, though. Off-road traction mats can help combat loose sand, mud and uneven terrain, giving you the confidence to test the limits of your rig. Raised angle grips and hexagonal honeycomb edges combine with multiple lengths and panels offer flexibility for incline adjustments.

    Sand Tracks for Jeep are made to aid traction and allow self-recovery in soft beach sand. The cast rubber segments are connected with a length of galvanized steel cable. This enables the track to flex and conform to the shape of the sand under the tires.

    Assemble a Winter Car Kit
    Jeeps can hold their own in most weather conditions. Icy roads, ditches piled high with snow and slushy surfaces send vehicles into spins and sink them to the fenders every year. These hazardous road conditions can put a crimp in your plans if you are unprepared. Make sure your winter weather gear includes jumper cables, water, batteries, a spare blanket and Jeep ramps.  The ramps are made of heavy-duty reinforced plastic and designed to give tires some much-needed traction to help you get out of the sand, snow or mud. Sold in pairs, each ramp can support almost 8,000 pounds.

    4WD.com carries a large selection of in-stock recovery equipment, from winches and trail jacks to Jeep traction pads. Multiple warehouse locations ensure your order arrives fast, to get you back on the trail.

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