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United Ignition Wire Corp

In 1989, father and son, Richard and Rick Maxwell started United Ignition Wire Corp. out of their family’s home in Westlake, Ohio. With Richard’s 25 years of experience in every facet of the aftermarket and Rick growing up learning the industry, they set to work, developing a new ignition wire line for the aftermarket. After 1 year they moved to a 3000 square foot facility. United then became certified to distribute and use Packard ignition wire and components for all of it’s wire sets. In 1991 the Tri-Pak tune-up kit was developed and soon became an industry leading product. It was also the year that the first United Marine Mega-Mag wire set was made for a local boater. After adding battery cables, distributor caps, rotors, coil and control modules to round out the ignition line, the popularity of the United product lines gained much praise for it’s quality and competitive pricing. In 1997 United moved to a 16,000 sf facility. After growing the business for 12 years, United purchased it’s current 21,000 square foot facility. Throughout the past 24 years, United’s focus has been on providing only the highest quality parts and unparalleled customer service at competitive pricing. This tradition continues today as United migrates into new industries, showcasing its products and services.

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