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Jeep Soft Top Roof Rack Wind Deflector

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Westin Wade Top Wind Deflector

Westin Wade Top Wind Deflector

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Cruising in your Jeep is more fun when you have a good roof rack air deflector installed. They help cut down on bugs, wind and the amount of noise around your ride. When you want to install a new wind deflector for a Jeep Wrangler, trust to supply you with the best part for an affordable price.

Cut Down On Wind
You cruise down the highway in your Jeep, heading for another off-road journey, while the wind whips around you. The noise is so loud that you can't hear the friend next to you as he shouts directions. This scenario is easily avoided if you have the right upgrade, but you need to find a roof rack wind deflector for sale for an affordable price before you can buy it.

Fortunately, 4WD has the exact part you need. We know that the off-road lifestyle requires extraordinarily tough parts, so we only carry brands like Westin to guarantee that you get quality parts. Our roof rack air deflector is made of hi-impact material and measured carefully to give it the perfect fit. The slim design helps reduce the amount of glare, wind, heat and noise that hits you as you continue your off-road adventures.

Cut Down On Price
The new lights you bought for your Jeep last month nearly drained your budget, but you need a new roof rack wind deflector to reduce distractions while you drive. 4WD knows that jeeping can break the bank quickly. We want our fellow jeepers to make us their one-stop-shop for anything jeeping-related, so we make it easy to shop with us by offering a 90-day price-matching guarantee.

With more than five decades of experience, we know that we carry the best aftermarket brands that can hold up under pressure. When you need a wind deflector for a roof rack, shop with us today.

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Westin Top Wind Deflector - 72-20102

Westin Top Wind Deflector - 72-20102
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