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Soft Top Storage Boot

Make Sure It Fits Your Vehicle

Protecting your soft top when it’s folded down is the assignment of a soft top storage boot and 4WD carries a wide variety for you to choose from. Smittybilt makes one that’s identical material to your soft top and tightly stores it to keep it clean from stains, debris and also prevent it from flapping in the wind. These boots fit like a glove and have cut outs for your Jeep’s rear posts. Rugged Ridge and Rampage also make boots for a many different Jeep models with tabs that snap into place to keep your soft top secure. Select different colors of boots and sleeves designed to give you peace of mind when your soft top is folded down.

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Smittybilt Soft Top Storage Boots

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Smittybilt Soft Top Storage Bags

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Rugged Ridge Soft Top Storage Boots

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Rugged Ridge Soft Top Storage Bag

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