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Jeep Wheels & Rims

Choose the perfect wheel for your ride! Verify wheel fitment with our Bolt Pattern Guide.

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American Racing AR920 Blockhead Satin Black Wheels

American Racing AR920 Blockhead Satin Black Wheels

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American Racing AR920 Blockhead Charcoal Wheels

American Racing AR920 Blockhead Charcoal Wheels

From $233.00

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Choosing the right tires for off-roading demands a vehicle that is capable of handling rough terrain, mud fields and pits as well as primitive wooded trails. It doesn't matter what the lift, fenders or engine is if tires and wheels fail under extreme conditions. From 15x12 wheels to 16x7 wheels, go ahead, push the limits and have fun without worrying about getting stuck in the boonies.

Strong, Flexible Wheels
Off-road tires mounted on durable 15x14 wheels made of steel deliver added traction in extreme conditions. They are made to grip more effectively than road tires, from Slickrock and boulders to mud and snow. If you're looking to upgrade your weekend excursions, buy tires that are stable, provide expanded traction area and are known to perform in rough conditions.

Bead Locked Wheels
Unless your rig is spending its life on pavement, ditch the all-season tires for all-terrain or extreme treads and air them down. There's no need to go oversized if you are primarily looking for better traction and smoother ride. If you're heading to backcountry trails filled with side hills and heavy articulation, proper air downs don't have enough pressure to keep the tire on the wheel. A good Beadlock system clamps the tire bead in place so that it can't pop off. If your budget has some room, get cold forged 14x14 aluminum wheels. They are available with beadlocking, can handle the terrain without extra weight and are easy to maintain.

Alloy Wheels
Rock crawlers, sand handlers and deep snow tires call for tires that can hold up to the abuse. 17x10 forged alloy wheels are a personal statement; they go from the street to trail with attitude.  They are a bit pricier than cast alloy or steel, but they tough and resilient. Go to today and order from our huge selection of wheels of steel and alloy wheels. Our six warehouse locations across the country mean you'll get your order fast.

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2 Results Found

American Racing AR920 Blockhead, 20x10.5 Wheel with 5x4.5 Bolt Pattern - Satin Black - AR92020512745


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American Racing AR920 Blockhead, 20x10.5 Wheel with 5x4.5 Bolt Pattern - Charcoal - AR92020512945


Ships Free

There are many stylistic preferences to keep any type of Jeep lover happy, but there are a few essential requirements across the board. Your Jeep wheels should always be well-made, durable and efficient. Find the best fit for your needs from our large selection of wheels and Jeep replacement parts at

Best Materials for Your Jeep
Once you've decided between alloy or steel for your new wheels, you can begin to break down other style preferences. It's important to understand the benefits of each material so you can be sure you're getting the most for your money and jeeping purpose. If you're shopping on a budget, you may want to consider wheels made of steel for a less expensive option.

Off-roading drivers tend to prefer steel because of its strength and flexibility for painting over. Cast alloy and forged alloy are also common choices for replacement wheels. While forged alloy is a bit pricier, these wheels are tough and long-lasting. Cast alloy is another relatively inexpensive option, and is great for drivers who prefer smooth directional stability and easy to maintain wheels.

Top Features to Look For

Browse through our wide variety of Jeep rims and wheels to match your model. Transform your vehicle into anything but a beater with sleek rims that express your jeeping personality. Our most popular featured brands include:

-Pro Comp
-Dick Cepek
-Trail Master

Easily find specifications for backspacing, finish, wheel size and bolt pattern on each product's page. An assortment of black Jeep rims provides you with the opportunity to prioritize style as you select your wheels.

Affordable Prices and Great Deals
Conveniently find your wheel replacements and any other Jeep parts or accessories you're looking for all in one central place. Remember to check for any existing promotions for the greatest deal on your purchase as you select the best products.

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