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 Spare Tire Lock

It takes time to choose a quality spare and you need to know it will always be there when you need it. A secure wheel nut lock set keeps your spare in place, and some models even match to your ignition key to keep you from adding more bits to your keyring.

Reliable Security
Stainless steel and chrome combine to make a rock-solid lock that holds your spare against theft. The Curt Manufacturing Spare Tire Lock features extra reinforcement with a strong bracket and nut combo. With two keys, you will have a spare for your spare to give a trusty buddy or to keep in a safe place.

If you would rather not have more keys to keep track of, the BOLT brand spare lock learns and remembers your ignition key. So long as you can start your Jeep, you have access to your spare. The uniqueness of each Jeep key means an unparalleled amount of security.

Deck Out Your Spare
A spare wheel lock does not need to cramp your style, all that strength is crammed into a low-profile lock that can fit under your spare cover. If you choose the BOLT brand of spare tire locks, you will also have a great stainless-steel shutter that keeps out debris. For more options, peek through the ARB 4x4 accessories to bring your spare up to the same standard of customization as the rest of your off-road ride.

The next time you are boiling the bolognas and pop a tire, you know your spare will be there with a strong, Jeep spare tire lock. Browse your options today and protect your spare from theft or detachment with a spare lock.

At, everything we do is all about you. From burning rubber to high climbs, each accessory you add to customize your Jeep speaks to you. That's why we offer the top in quality and the lowest prices. Look around and you're sure to find what you want.

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