Jeep Shock Accessories

Inside your Jeep, its suspension system plays a critical role. You need to install superior-grade parts to ensure your vehicle is equipped to handle the rough conditions and terrain of your ride. When you need Jeep suspension parts that perform better than OEM versions, bypass other suppliers and get your gear from

High Performance Shock Absorber Kits
Whether you need mount extension components or gear to relocate your shocks, has them. Our shock relocators are sourced from brands like Rubicon, a company providing high-quality lift kits and suspension components to off-road enthusiasts since 1996, and TeraFlex, a manufacturer of premium Jeep parts since the mid-1950s. Count on our gear to restore proper shock positioning, or adjust it to accommodate a retooled tire clearance or improve ride quality.

Shock Mount Kits for the Rugged Rider
If you're looking for upgrades to better handle an aggressive off-roading style, choose your next shock mount kit from aftermarket makers such as Pro Comp, a producer of first-class, durable off-roading gear since 1992. We also stock models in this category from Rubicon, Fabtech, Prothane, Blue Torch and more. Our multiple shock hoops, reservoir mounting kits, shock clamps and other parts are made to handle the high temperatures, rugged ground and other demands of a high-octane jeeper.

Convenient Shopping and the Best Prices
In addition to our impressive selection of jeeping components, shopping at gives you both convenience and great deals. Use our website's simple drop-down menu functions to find the right parts for your year, model and submodel. Our search feature is also easy to use, and our website's designed to allow you to narrow down to the products you need by brand, price range and other parameters. You also benefit from our 90-Day Price Guarantee. If you find your products elsewhere with a better deal, we match their price and refund you the difference.

Every bump, dip and pothole you hit on the trail - your Jeep triumphs over them all, all thanks to its shock absorbers, absorbing and dampening every jolt that hits your rig’s wheels or suspension. They’re responsible for your smooth ride, but more importantly also for ensuring good handling and preventing damage to other components. When you start to feel the rough terrain beneath you more and more, consider a tune-up with Jeep shock accessories from, from individual parts like bearings and mounts to full shock absorber conversion kits for more thorough projects. Our thorough stock has every need covered.

Every Part In Its Place

A lot goes into your Jeep’s shocks, and nothing frustrates quite like a maintenance project thwarted by realizing you’re missing one specific part. Our selection of Jeep shock parts is as thorough as possible for this exact reason. Each part is also certain to fit, provided by aftermarket manufacturers in accordance with the original factory standards, and the online vehicle select tool makes it easy to match your rig’s year, make and model to the shock accessories you need. For do-it-yourself jeepers thinking of a more thorough rebuild or repair, we also supply suspension shock mounting kits with all the necessary components for an easy and sure installation or upgrade. If you have your eye on lifting your rig, a shock mount kit is a good place to start.

Price Match Guarantee

Second-guessing on prices and budgets for auto maintenance leads to putting off getting the parts you need or making snap decisions that don’t always turn out well. Count on for a quality stock of replacement parts, all at low prices. Our price match guarantee means you know you’ll get the best deal from us - if someone else has lower prices, we’ll match them and pay you the difference. Don’t put off new shocks anymore; order today.