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Rancho RS5000X Series Shocks

Rancho RS5000X Series Shock Absorber
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Off-road driving is hard on your suspension system. Rocking your Jeep back and forth over uneven terrain wears out your dampeners. If you are depending on the factory parts to keep your body roll under control, you are trusting a bit too much to fate. Upgrade with high-quality aftermarket Jeep shock absorbers.

How Do Shock Absorbers Work?
Your springs are there to support the weight of your Jeep and provide flexibility. When kinetic energy from bumps in the road travels up the suspension system, your springs give that excess energy somewhere to go. Without them, you would feel every impact with your spine.

The problem with springs is that they wobble around a bit too much. Our performance shocks for Jeeps keep even extreme oscillations under control with hydraulic pressure. They mount to the body at one end, and the suspension at the other. When your control arms travel up and down, a piston inside is compressed. This piston absorbs kinetic energy and resists excess travel of the spring.

Testing Your Shocks
It's easy to tell when shocks are worn out. Press down firmly on the corner of your bumper and watch for excess travel. Your Jeep should pop back up to its normal ride height and stop. If it bounces up and down, the shocks are weak. When driving, your tires will hop slightly causing premature wear. This is noticeable in wear pattern in the tread. Look for cupping along the inside edges.

Upgrade Your Shocks Today
Our shocks and shock absorber accessories are sold as individual components or in sets of four. We carry top brands including Pro Comp, Bilstein, and Rubicon Express. All our parts are backed by our low-cost guarantee. If you find the same parts for less advertised somewhere else, we match the deal or refund you the difference. Order your performance shocks from today.

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Rancho RS5000X Shock Absorber - RS55285


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It’s not fake news to say that quality Jeep shock absorbers upgrade your ride. When you are off-road, your suspension needs to be built to handle the bumps and dips you encounter on the trail. Worn out or inferior shocks can cause you to lose control and wind up contemplating the sky while turned turtle, wondering where you went wrong. The simple answer might just be that you need new shocks, but now you’ve got bigger problems.

To absorb the energy that comes with rugged motion, premium Jeep Wrangler shocks cut down on sway and drift while providing less bounce in the cabin. Pro Comp shock absorbers are made with the latest technology and feature advanced hydraulics. Cellular gas reduces aeration and foaming and increases comfort in the driver’s seat. Quality materials and engineering make for a smooth ride on the blacktop or rock.

Smooth Out Any Ride
A Jeep adjustable series shock absorber by Bilstein combines durability and performance. Get improved wheel travel and handling in an affordable shock that self-adjusts with independent rebounding and compression tuning. Bilstein 5100 shocks feature a durable zinc finish, monotube gas pressure technology and easy bolt-on installation. They are engineered to fit a variety of vehicles and lift configurations. 

Worn out shocks should be replaced immediately, with high-quality replacement parts from

We have shock absorbers for sale from the most trusted names in the industry, including Daystar, Fabtech, Crown Automotive, Rubicon Express and Dana Spicer. New shocks protect the safety of riders as they reduce premature tire wear.

Customer Service Excellence
In addition to getting a great selection of suspension parts at excellent prices when you shop, you also gain access to Jeep experts who can answer all of your questions. To find the right shock absorber for your vehicle, contact a Jeep professional, then order your part from with complete confidence.

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