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Jeep Leveling Kits

4WD has a variety of leveling kit options whether you want to fit a larger, more aggressive tire on your rig or you would like a better stance for your Jeep or the rear of your rig has been weighted down by modifications. The torch and key re-indexing leveling kits allow you to dial in how much lift you want, generally up to 3 inches. 4WD also carries aluminum and polyurethane strut spacers that bolt on top of your rig’s strut type suspension, thus achieving the lift you desire. We also have coil spring spacer which are set on top of the coil spring, after which the coil spring is re-inserted in the vehicle. The height of the spacer determines the inches of lift.

Have you ever been driving your Jeep around and felt like something was off? It could be an indicator the vehicle is not balanced. In that instance, you are going to benefit greatly from a Jeep JK leveling kit. You are able to get as much as three extra inches of lift on your Jeep with the right tools.

What Is the Purpose of Leveling Kits?
There are numerous components out there designed to help give vehicles more lift. A Jeep Wrangler level kit is not as extensive as other parts, but it is capable of getting the job done, depending on what the issue is. For example, if the front of your Jeep is a little lower than the rear, then it needs to be corrected. An uneven distribution results in premature tire wear and suspension problems.

What Parts Are Worth Looking Into?
Jeep owners looking to correct a balancing issue need to make sure they are acquiring the absolute best parts for their specific make and model of Jeep. Coil spring spacers help make the spring coil better capable of absorbing shocks. A number of suspension leveling kits are available from some fantastic brands, including Pro Comp, TeraFlex and Skyjacker. Torsion bar keys also comes in handy when there is a balancing problem with the right and left side as opposed to the front and back.

Where Are These Kits Available?
If you feel like doing a little work on your Jeep on your own, then you need to get all essential components from We make it easy to browse our site, and we even have free shipping on all orders over $50. We even match prices with competitors if you find the same part for cheaper somewhere else. We care about our customers, so order the parts you need today to take your Jeep to the next level.

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