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Jeep Body Lifts & Bushings for Wranglers

Lifting your Jeep can be an overwhelming project, but with the appropriate body lifts and bushings it doesn’t have to be. Suspension systems vary in lift height and 4WD carries a full lineup of body lift kits, body mount kits, leaf spring bushings, master bushing kits and all of the components to maintain peak performance post-lift. Running larger tires doesn’t necessitate paying large sums of money and body lift kits offer economical lifting options. Choose body lifts and bushings from popular manufacturers including Energy Suspension, Rubicon Express and Daystar to increase the performance and handling of your lifted Jeep.

If blazing your own trails is your kind of adventure, then you own a Jeep. Those new knobby tires need a little extra clearance that only a Jeep body lift kit can provide. has your back with the highest-quality body lifts and bushings a Jeeper could ask for.

Combination Body and Suspension Lifts
Not only do lifted Jeeps look better, they are more fun to drive. Pairing a cheap Jeep lift kit with a more expensive suspension kit gives you all the extra clearance you need while saving you money. Coupled with the right bushings, you end up with a beast of a machine.

Going with a one-inch body lift and two-inch suspension lift is more affordable than a three-inch suspension kit and provides many of the same benefits. A body lift keeps the center of gravity lower and gives you space to raise the gas tank providing more clearance between the tub and frame. Use a one-inch motor mount lift for a more favorable driveline angle. You also need a relocation bracket to accommodate a two-inch suspension lift. makes Jeep modifications a breeze. Not only will you find the lift kits you need, we also offer great deals on Jeep bushings and relocation brackets. Lift kits provide extra clearance and give you the option of installing taller tires.

Don’t Neglect the Bushings
With your new lift kits, you are on your way to building a formidable off-roading machine. Bushings seem like a small consideration in the whole scheme of things, but they are a science of their own. Bushings absorb shock and help cope with binding issues. Take the time to find the right ones to go with your new mods. is the best place to shop for Jeep parts and accessories. We offer a ninety-day price match guarantee that saves you both time and money. Shop our selection of top shelf parts to find exactly what you need all in one spot. For the brave individuals that serve in the armed forces, we are proud to offer a military di

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