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Rubicon Express has such a strong commitment to producing high quality Jeep suspension systems that it offers a lifetime, transferable hassle free warranty on all its products. It is a true lifetime warranty that can be used by the original owner of the tenth owner of the Jeep. The warranty covers all components, even down to the Super-Ride bushings. Rubicon In addition, Rubicon Express offers a wide variety of builder parts for customizing a build. All builder parts use the highest quality materials, components and manufacturing processes, insuring the built out rig will perform at the highest level possible. Rubicon Express has anything the builder needs from axle bracket kits to HD superflex joints, super-ride bushing kits to control arm brackets and much more.

Rubicon Express Jeep suspension lift kits are known around the world for their high performance on the roughest off-road terrains. These Jeep lift kits and upgrade kits provide anywhere from 2-7.5" of extra lift to get you up and over those ridges and boulders. Choose from a wide variety of Rubicon Express Jeep lift kits and upgrades, including: Super-Flex kits, Super-Ride kits, Spacer kits with shocks, Extreme-Duty long arm kits, long arm upgrade kits, and Extreme Crossmember kits. No matter which kit you choose, you'll get high quality Super-Flex control arms with the package, fully equipped with Super-Flex bushings and joints. Get unparalleled articulation when you install Rubicon Express control arms and lift kits on your Jeep.

When you're looking for Jeep suspension parts and accessories for your rig, there are none that can match Rubicon Express. Choose from a variety of great Jeep parts and accessories, including: radius arms, control arms, bushings, rod ends, coils, leaf springs, track, bars, sway bar disconnects, and fabricator bracketry. These Rubicon Express parts and accessories provide everything you need to get your Jeep off-road ready.

Your suspension system is what allows you to go out Jeeping without holding back. Sliding through those jagged mountain trails or tackling steep hills or even just rough roads would be impossible with a good, sturdy, reliable suspension system on your side. That's precisely why this is a part which many advanced jeepers enjoy upgrading. If you're looking for a practical upgrade for your ride, look no further than Rubicon Express, an excellent creator of these particular parts.

The Tools of the Trade
Your suspension system isn't just made of a single part. In fact, it relies on a series of several simple parts to keep your Jeep balanced and upright while you tackle the trail ahead. That's why you'll typically want to purchase a RE lift kit, which includes everything you'll need to revamp or lift your suspension system for better operation and optimized appearance. This kit typically includes everything from your shocks and coil springs to your leaf springs in one convenient place.

Timing the Switch
Of course, you don't just want to start replacing your suspension parts willy-nilly (unless you're just in the market for an upgrade, of course). Instead, you'll want to wait to add your Rubicon Express Jeep suspension parts when you notice problems with your current suspension system. The most common of these include tire shaking and wheel shimmy, vibration in the steering wheel, creaking, groaning or clunking sounds when going over rougher terrain, and even leaking fluid from the struts themselves.

Price Guarantee
Upgrading or replacing your suspension system with Rubicon lift kits should never break the bank, or so we believe at That's why we offer an excellent price guarantee on the parts we sell. If you happen to find another seller with a better deal within 90 days of your purchase from our site, we will match the price and get you the bargain you deserve.

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