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Since it's inception into the Jeep market place, Rock Krawler Suspension has been an Innovator and Industry Leader! Rock Krawler Suspension was the first company to offer a triangulated 4 link conversion that allowed the removal of the pesky rear track bar for Wrangler TJ's. Rock Krawler is a pioneer, with the Independent Three Link Conversion offered on all long arm systems for unparalleled articulation and axle control! Rock Krawler has been the forerunner with items like Anti-Squat Geometry, High Clearance Control Arms and now our all Aluminum RRD Racing Shocks! Rock Krawler will continue to push the limits of Suspension Technology and Ability for years to come.Not only is Rock Krawler an innovator, but toughness of our suspension components is unmatched in the industry. All of Rock Krawler's hard parts are made from high grade solid alloy steel and come with an Abuse Proof Lifetime Warranty! So not only are you getting the best Suspension Geometry in the industry, you are also getting the strongest components! When you are on the trail getting passed by another Jeep and say to yourself, ""Wow, look at that""; chances are that it is a Jeep equipped with Rock Krawler Suspension! Rock Krawler Suspension systems are excellent on the street and unmatched on the trail!

Rock Krawler develops innovative Jeep trail suspensions. stocks a variety of Rock Krawler suspension systems including coilover long arm, long arm and mid arm that you can use to elevate your rig. We also carry ultra-light RRD Remote Reservoir Race shocks and emulsion shocks to help you achieve your preferred level of cushioning and lift.

The Original Triangulated Four Link Conversion
Rock Krawler developed the first triangulated four link conversion that made it possible for Wrangler TJ owners to remove the rear track bar, eliminating another moving arm and improving flexibility in the rear of these vehicles. We carry suspensions for several different models including Rock Krawler XJ parts and the components you will need for a Rock Krawler XJ rear coil conversion. You can achieve the results you want by installing a suspension system designed for your model.

A Full Range of Suspension Solutions
If you are shopping for Rock Krawler lifts or other suspension components, makes it easy to find the parts you need and all of the accessories and tools you will need to complete the installation. A Rock Krawler XJ long arm upgrade can help you achieve high clearance with perfect geometry on this model. We also stock lift solutions for other models including adjustable control arms, drop Pitman arms, springs, spring mounts, joints and links. Browse our inventory to find ways to upgrade your suspension to achieve the best off-road performance.

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Rock Krawler Adjustable Control Arms

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Rock Krawler Long Arm Coil Over Suspension Systems

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Rock Krawler RRD Racing Remote Reservoir Shocks

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Rock Krawler RRD Emulsion Shocks

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Rock Krawler Sway Bar Links

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Rock Krawler Joints

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Rock Krawler Short Arm Suspension Systems

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Rock Krawler Track Bar and Bracket Kits

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Rock Krawler Triple Rate Lift Springs

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Rock Krawler Heavy X Factor Steering

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Rock Krawler Mid Arm Suspension Systems

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Rock Krawler Rear Cradle Kit

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