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Road Armor

Dallas, Texas-based Road Armor began manufacturing off-road bumpers over 25 years ago to transform Jeeps into road and off-road ready warriors capable of withstanding impact. Quality and craftsmanship combine with superior styling to make Road Armor front and rear bumpers the ultimate in protection. The company tests its Jeep bumpers and fenders on the rocks at Moab to simulate conditions that extreme off-roaders regularly encounter and Road Armor’s components pass with flying colors. Their pledge to produce performance products that lead the industry in form, fit and finish is reflected in their Stealth line of bumpers and other accessories that make Road Armor a titan in the body armor aftermarket industry.

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Road Armor Stealth Series Bumpers

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Road Armor Front Stubby Bumpers

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Road Armor Front Bumpers

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Road Armor Stealth Rear Bumpers

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Body Armor Rocker Panels

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Road Armor A-Pillar Light Mount

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