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Jeep XJ Cherokee Dash Parts

Make Sure It Fits Your Vehicle

For such a simple part of an unstoppable machine, there's a lot going on in your Jeep XJ dashboard. From keeping you warm and cool with a series of vents to providing you with a cigarette lighter and outlets, this is the space in your cabin that's the most valuable in many ways. That's precisely why you should consider some upgrades or a complete Jeep XJ dash replacement in the coming years. It's not only an excellent way to build your interior's style, but may serve several practical purposes as well.

When you choose to upgrade or replace your Jeep Cherokee XJ dashboard, there are several different ways you can choose to customize your interior experience. One of the most common luxury upgrades that Jeepers tend to make is switching out the old air vents for new ones and replacing faulty or outdated cigarette lighters. These are simple changes that can completely change the look of your dash, despite the relatively small size of the parts themselves. They can also help to make the cab more comfortable for each and every excursion.

Practical Changes
Not all dash changes are just for looks. In fact, the majority of replacement parts are designed to make using your Jeep more reliable and convenient. Parts like oil pressure gauges help to ensure everything's going well under the hood. Light switches, headlamp switches and similar parts help you to ensure you always have light when you need it, without struggling with inconvenient knob placement on your dash to get the job done.

Price Guarantee
Whether you're ordering an entirely new dash or are just looking for new air vents, we have your back at when it comes to price. We offer a price guarantee that's hard to beat. If you happen to find a better price on the parts you purchase from us within 90 days of the transaction, we'll match it and get you the savings you deserved all along.

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    When the best part of your Jeep is the chance for simple adventures and appreciation for the natural world, it can be surprising (and maybe frustrating) to realize that so much technology is at work. If one part of your dashboard or instrument panel gets out of whack, you may find that other parts also need attention. You’ll want to be familiar with all of the XJ Cherokee Dash Parts included on your instrument panel, and stock your tool kit with Jeep XJ Cherokee dash parts.

    Upgrade Your Experience
    In addition to becoming familiar with parts for simple repairs, you may also want to consider the options in making upgrades. For example, you could use Jeep XJ dash replacement parts to customize your instrument board. Jeepers often prefer new air vents that work more smoothly and offer more options in air flow direction or intensity. Maybe you want to replace something as simple as the XJ Cherokee cigarette lighter.

    Improve Functionality
    Of course, there are changes that must be made for practical reasons. There are several gauges that alert you to malfunctions under the hood. It’s imperative that these instruments are in perfect working condition, to ensure your safety while jeeping. Run routine maintenance checks on parts such as your Jeep oil pressure gauges. If any of these parts were to fail during an off-road adventure, you could have a long hike back to civilization.

    Combine Function and Convenience
    Naturally, there are upgrades you could also make that enhance your enjoyment of your ride and deliver practical improvements. For example, you may want to modify the placement of switches on your Jeep XJ dashboard. Your ride may be more comfortable if switches and gauges are positioned where you can easily see them and reach them. By customizing the interior of your Jeep, you can put everything within convenient reach for enhanced control and safety during your excursions. Check out the selection of parts and choose those that offer the most valuable changes.