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You depend on your XJ Cherokee both to run perfectly and to look great. Racing through mud holes, climbing up cliffs and barreling over boulders can wreak havoc on your XJ's body. Here at, we are available to help you maintain, repair or upgrade your rig. Shop our selection of XJ Cherokee body parts to keep your Jeep running and looking its best.

OEM-Quality Doors
Whether your Jeep slams into rock or a shopping car slams into your Jeep, you simply can't have dented or damaged doors on your XJ. Instead of sacrificing the look and performance of your rig, shop for Jeep XJ replacement doors. Not only does a new Jeep Cherokee driver door or passenger door improve the appearance of your Jeep, functioning doors guarantee you can quickly enter or exit your rig. For an avid off-roader like you, that's important.

Durable Body Panels
Since you want your Jeep to dominate off-road, you must rely on your Jeep Cherokee body panels to protect your rig during extreme driving conditions. If you have missing fenders, a damaged hood or dented doors, order replacement Jeep Cherokee body parts to keep your Jeep's engine and other systems safe on the trail. Quality Components At, we feature a broad selection of Jeep parts and accessories. With our inventory, you don't have to leave repairs or upgrades to chance. Rather, you choose from a complete selection of components from manufacturers you know and trust. You have a lot of time, money, and effort invested in your rig. Thus, when you need to order replacement Jeep XJ body parts, don't sacrifice quality.

Affordable Prices
We understand your time is valuable. Here at, you don't have to waste it comparison shopping. Instead, take advantage of our 4WD Hardware Best Price Guarantee. Within 90 days, if you find your parts somewhere else for a lower price, we'll match it and cut you a refund. We are certain you can find the parts you need to take your Jeep to the next level. Browse our inventory and place your order today.

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    It’s easy to tell when something such as your Jeep XJ doors needs replacing. They are larger pieces of the whole vehicle, and you use them daily. Other parts that may not be so evident, such as liftgate weather stripping or windshield molding, are necessities too. They’re easier to forget about because you don’t see them every day and you don’t need them to drive. While that’s true for immediate operations, they are still important, as are all the little, but important, parts in your Jeep. They are the pieces that seal out the elements and keep you comfortable in your cab, the nuts and bolts that keep the bigger parts in place, the pieces that keep your Jeep moving during off-road adventures.

    All Things Great and Small
    You’ll find everything you need in Jeep Cherokee body parts right here at 4WD, from new doors and full body panels to Jeep replacement steel fenders, fender flares, radiator grills and more. The little pieces are important to; internal engine parts, differential gears, belts, hoses and more are all part of our significant inventory. Need new Jeep hood release cables, window handles, bumper guards or a hood prop rod? We’ve got those, too.

    Find it Fast, Ship it Fast
    At 4WD, we carry all your parts and accessories, big and small, internal and external. Shop our user-friendly website for Jeep XJ replacement parts by model, brand or part and find what you’re looking for fast. Because you want to get your Jeep back on the road, or trail, as soon as possible, we ship your order from the nearest warehouse. We have several across the U.S., and we keep them well-stocked to ensure quick delivery to your door. Browse our website for informative articles that can help you boost performance of your Jeep and buying guides to help you choose the parts that will work best for your needs.

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