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Jeep JK Wrangler NV241 Transfer Cases

Make Sure It Fits Your Vehicle

The NV241 transfer case is a sturdy part of your Jeep that you have to be able to rely on when the going gets tough. Chances are you need to replace parts of your existing transfer case or you found a well-used NV241OR transfer case for sale that needs reviving. is here to help you rebuild this vital power-output device with a variety of high-quality parts for your Jeep JK transfer case.

Quality Replacement Parts for Your Transfer Case
This versatile power transfer device for your Jeep comes in two versions: the 2.72:1 low-range NV241 transfer case and the coveted rock-crawling 4:1 low-range NV241OR transfer case. Both share the same aspects of wear and tear. It is time to replace certain parts of your transfer case when they have become heat-stressed, friction-worn and torque-stretched. sells reliable OEM parts as well as aftermarket parts from premium brands such as Crown Automotive, Omix-ADA, TeraFlex and Rubicon Express.

Tips for Working on Your Jeep Transfer Case
Now that it is time to replace your transfer case, there are certain things to bear in mind. cares about you and so we would like to give you some helpful tips on how to make this procedure as easy and smooth as possible. Take caution of any exhaust system items that may be extremely hot and let them cool down first. Be sure to remove the negative battery terminal. It is also recommended to drain the transfer case fluid. When removing the drive shafts, mark the relationship of the yolks and splines with a simple paint marker.

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We at are who we are because of customers like you. Our goal is to create life-long relationships with people that share a passion: jeeping. We want to show you how much we appreciate you by offering our 4Wheel Drive Hardware price guarantee. If you find a lower advertised price for any of our products within 90 days of purchase, we will gladly match that price and refund you the difference. That way you can be assured that you always get the best price possible.

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When you are trying to get out of sticky situations on the trail, your Jeep relies on its transfer case to move power from its transmission to its axles. Even though your rig’s transfer case is built to last, it can begin to show signs of age and damage. Whether you need to repair or replace your Jeep’s transfer case, is here to help. Our inventory includes the factory-grade components you need to dominate wherever you choose to drive.

Don’t Stop With a New Transfer Case
A healthy transfer case requires quality seals and functioning yokes. When you are replacing your Jeep JK transfer case, give some thought to replacing these components as well. If you need a transfer case input gear seal for Jeep vehicles, we have you covered. Use our select vehicle tool to order a factory replacement seal. While you are it, check out our selection of Jeep transfer case yokes. We offer direct-fit transfer case flanges to fit any Jeep.

Pay the Right Price
When you order from, you don’t have to worry about looking everywhere for the NV241 transfer cases or other Jeep parts you need to repair or upgrade your 4X4. Since we source our inventory from hundreds of the top brands in the 4X4 parts industry, we are certain we have exactly what you need to get the most out of your rig. Still, we never ask you to pay a premium for factory-grade components. Instead, we proudly feature our 4WD Hardware Best Price Guarantee. If you happen to find a better deal on your order somewhere else, we pledge to match it. Just let us know within 90 days of placing your order so we can issue you a refund. With our huge selection and extensive expertise, you don’t have to wait to search for JK Rubicon transfer cases or anything else. Rather, browse our inventory and place your order for fast delivery now.

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