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Jeep Replacement Transfer Case Parts

Muddy pits, mountainside dips and riverside ruts have nothing on the power of your Jeep. Your Jeep is a 4 wheel drive, powerful machine that's constructed to handle all of these challenges with ease. In order to keep your 4 wheel drive system working correctly, however, you may need to consider upgrading or replacing your NP232 transfer case now and again. This piece is a crucial bit of you off-road system and without a properly-functioning one, you could very well find yourself stranded.

What is a Transfer Case?
Your Jeep's transfer case is more or less the part that keeps your 4 wheel driver operating under all conditions. The transfer case itself is less of a case more an assortment of different shafts and gears that are used to move power from the transmission to all of your axles when you have your 4 wheel drive activated. This helps your Jeep procure enough power to keep moving forward when you decide to head off the beaten path, so you'll never get hopelessly stuck.

Putting it All Together
Because a transfer case includes several parts that can span the entire length of your Jeep, installation can be a little difficult. Fortunately, most cases include a 231 transfer case diagram that can help a bit with installation. This instructional form helps you identify each and every piece included in your kit, and to place it correctly to preserve and enhance your Jeep's operations whenever, wherever.

Getting More for Your Buck
At, we're dedicated to getting experienced Jeepers like yourself the best parts for the best possible price. That's why we're willing to offer a price guarantee on each and every part sold on our site. If you happen to find a better deal within 90 days of your purchase and can provide proof of the better deal, we'll match it and refund you the balance.

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