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Jeep Replacement Drive Shafts and Parts

You probably love your Jeep for a number of reasons, but its legendary 4-wheel drive capabilities is no-doubt at the top of that list. Your front and rear drive shafts are at the center of your 4-wheel drive system, and if they give out, you're not going anywhere. If you want to get back on the road and the trail, you need to go watch a tutorial on how to replace a drive shaft, then order your Jeep drive shaft parts from Don't worry – we can wait while you go watch that tutorial.

Your Drive Shaft
Your drive shaft connects your transmission to the differential, which is located on your rear axle. On the front end the drive shaft runs from the transfer case connected to your transmission to the front differential. They transmit the power from your engine to your axles to turn your Jeep's wheels. When you're not in 4-wheel drive just the back drive shaft is engaged, but when you shift into 4-wheel drive, both go to work.

Your Replacement Parts
If your Jeep starts to vibrate like crazy, or there are rattling, clunking noises coming from under your vehicle, it's probably a drive shaft. At you'll find all the parts you need to make your Jeep drivable again. If you need to replace the drive shaft, you can find replacement drive shafts for every Jeep on the road, including CJs, JK Wranglers, MJ Comanches, TJ Wrangler, WJ Grand Cherokees, XJ Cherokees, YJ Wranglers and ZJ Grand Cherokees.

Your Ideal Price
Before you waste another minute shopping around for the best price on parts to repair your drive shaft, buy from to ensure you get the best possible price. How are we so sure we've got the best deal? Our price match policy means that if you find the same part you bought from us being sold by someone else at a lower price within 90 days of purchase, we refund you the difference. With a guarantee like that, there's no reason to keep searching. Order from now and get the best prices!