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Jeep Front & Rear Axle U-Joints

As an off-road enthusiast, you demand a lot from your Jeep. Whether you are scaling cliffs or descending mountains, your rig's axles encounter a significant amount of stress. With, you don't have to worry about your Jeep's axles. Rather, find the right U-joint replacement for your rig and hit the trail with confidence.

Recognizing U-Joint Hazards
Even under normal driving conditions, your Jeep XJ axle U-joint can wear out. If you take your machine off-roading, the risk of U-joint damage increases. Boulders, crevices and uneven trails can put stress on your rig's axles. To get the most out of your YJ, you must recognize when it's time for a Jeep YJ front axle U-joint replacement. For off-road vehicles, periodic inspections of the axle system are a good idea.

Choosing a Replacement
The type of U-joint your Jeep needs, of course, depends on its model. For example, if you drive a Cherokee, a Jeep Cherokee U-joint replacement fixes your worn or damaged U-joint. Then, you want to be certain you choose a factory-grade part to be certain your Jeep's axles are up to challenging off-road driving conditions. Here at, we have you covered. Our selection of U-joint parts includes components made from strong materials with innovative, durable construction.

Paying the Right Price
At, we believe maintaining, repairing and upgrading your rig shouldn't cost a fortune. Therefore, we are proud to feature our 4WD Hardware Best Price Guarantee. If you find your components somewhere else for a lower price, we will match it and cut you a refund. Just let us know within 90 days of your order. We are also proud to give military discounts to anyone who bravely serves our country in the armed forces. With our large selection of Jeep parts and accessories, you don't have to ignore problems with your XJ front axle U-joints. Instead, choose the right parts for your rig and place your order today.

Is your off-roading noisier than normal? Is your Jeep jerking you around more than it should? It may be time to take a look at the axle. Even a Jeep needs a little TLC now and then, and if you've been hitting the bumpy trail pretty hard, it will appreciate some new Jeep Wrangler front axle parts or even some Jeep rear end parts.

Is It My Axle?
Driving on rough roads and off-roading can really put some wear-and tear on your axle. And of course, as a Jeep owner, that's exactly what you like to do. So take a minute to assess the condition of your axles. If you're hearing clunking sounds, especially when you turn the wheel, or if your Jeep vibrates while driving, you've got axle problems. If the car won't move at all even when the engine is revving, you may have broken your axle. In any case, it's time to check out for your axle needs. We've got multiple manufacturers, including Dana 30 front axle parts, for the serious gearhead.

Is It a Tough Repair?
Well, it's not for the faint-of-heart, but as a jeeper, you don't belong in that category anyway. If you love your ride enough to take care of it yourself, you can fix or replace an axle. stocks axle shaft kits that include all the parts you need as well as individual parts, seals, shafts, etc. Take a look at our impressive inventory and you'll be sure to find the right fit for your Jeep.

Is It Safe to Buy?
We pride ourselves on our price guarantee here at If you purchase a part from us and find it somewhere else for less within 90 days, we will match that price and refund to you the difference. Buy with confidence, knowing that you are getting the best price anywhere. Don't wait another minute to get your Jeep in tip-top, roaring shape. Get your axle parts today.