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Speedometer Calibrator

Make Sure It Fits Your Vehicle

When you’re running different sized tires on your Jeep, a speedometer calibrator is the perfect accessory to correct your speedometer readings. It can also compensate for gear ratio changes that would normally throw your stock calibrator out of whack. As an alternative to a performance controller, the calibrator is easy to switch for correct readjustment. Choose from popular brands like Jet Performance and Pro Comp and be sure to select a calibrator capable of interfacing with your Jeep system. Calibrators may require updates that have to be downloaded from the computer and are easy to install.

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Hypertech Speedometer Calibrators

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Pro Comp Accu Pro Speedometer Calibration Tools

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Hypertech Speedometer Calibrator Programmers

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Jet Performance Products Jet Accu-Speed Speedometer Calibrator

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