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Throttle Body Spacer

Make Sure It Fits Your Vehicle

A fuel injection throttle body spacer is one of the components that improves throttle response and the low end torque of your 4x4. 4WD carries throttle body spacers from popular manufacturers including AIRAID, aFe and Rugged Ridge with aluminum construction and all of the necessary mounting hardware like spacers and gaskets. Lifting your throttle body slightly above your intake manifold draws in condensed, cooler air so your system can take a bigger gulp of that air. Bolt-on installation is straightforward and doesn’t involve drilling and these durable, yet lightweight components instantly transform your Jeep’s performance.

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AIRAID PowerAid Throttle Body Spacers

4.1 4.1 (57)

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aFe Power Silver Bullet Throttle Body Spacers

4.2 4.2 (14)

From $109.99

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Rugged Ridge Throttle Body Spacer

3.6 3.6 (5)

From $43.99

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Jet Performance Products Jet Powr-Flo TBI Spacer

4.0 4.0 (17)

From $59.99

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Volant Vortice Throttle Body Spacer

3.0 3.0 (1)

From $47.99

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Jet Performance Products Jet Powr-Flo; TBI Spacer

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From $97.99

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