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Jeep Air Box

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    One major component of your Jeep air box is the air filter. In a combustion engine, this part works to stop abrasive particulate matter from getting into the cylinders of the engine. Should impurities like this get into your engine, it would result in oil contamination and premature mechanical wear. The air filters in most fuel-injected vehicles have a pleated look and are made from a thick paper material. Over time, they accumulate excessive impurities and when this happens, they have to be switched out to remain effective.

    Is It Time to Change Your Air Filter?
    Whether you are considering Jeep off-road air boxes and filters, or just standard ones, the symptoms that can occur when the filter is overly clogged are generally the same. Since this part is so important to overall engine performance, when it is not in good condition, the performance of yours can certainly suffer. In the most severe cases, this can make a noticeable difference in total power output and acceleration. In the early stages, a decrease in overall engine efficiency is possible.

    It is not uncommon for your fuel mileage to be reduced when this filter needs to be changed. This is due to a severely dirty filter not being able to properly filter the air, resulting in the engine getting less. Remember that engines need the right ratio of air to fuel for optimal performance.

    Of course, you can also just do a visual inspection of the filter to see if it is dirty. On average, you should plan to replace this component about every 15,000 to 30,000 miles, depending on the roads you regularly drive on.

    Easily Get Your New Parts
    When it comes to Wrangler engine air boxes and filters, 4WD.com offers a diverse variety, making it easy to find the one that your Jeep requires. Our price guarantee and website that is easy to navigate ensures that you have a pleasant shopping experience.

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    MTS Company Fresh Air Box - MTSCJAB-2


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    Hauk Offroad Air Box - SNK-3056-N


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    Hauk Offroad Diesel Air Box - SNK-3057-N


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