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Jeep Intake Kits, Air Filter & Throttle Body Spacers

Intake Kits, Air Filter & Throttle Body Spacers

Intake kits are performance parts that increase horsepower by replacing the factory restrictive airbox and air filter. Intakes come in two types, short ram and cold air. A short ram intake is a short piece of pipe with an air filter element on the end. A cold air intake is designed to suck in air from outside the engine compartment so that the rig can get cooler air more densely packed with air molecules. The vehicle ECU compensates for this denser air by adding more fuel, thus creating more power. If you have modified your engine you might consider replacing the stock throttle body with a larger one to create the amount of airflow that matches the horsepower that your modified engine can achieve.

Part of owning a Jeep consists of off-roading and showing other vehicle's up, while the other part consists of improving your Jeep's performance. While you may not think too much about what's going on beyond the engine, don't discount your Jeep air intake system. Designed to help your vehicle breathe freely, the air intake system can make or break your horsepower. Don't risk breaking yours, and shop only replacement parts from

Give Your Jeep a Pair of Quality Lungs
Sure, you can give your Jeep a cheap intake system, but that would be like the doctors offering you a pair of tar-filled lungs for your transplant. Don't be so negligent, and give your Jeep the pair of lungs it deserves. has the high quality Jeep air filter, cold air filter cover, cold air intake and air filter intake hose your engine needs to breathe freely and without sucking up uninvited dust and debris.

Improve Performance With Replacement Parts
If you're looking to modify or repair your Jeep, do so with the replacement parts from When you take out the restrictive factory airbox and air filter and replace it with a system that is designed to suck in more air from the outside, the vehicle ECU will be forced to produce more power to get rid of that air. If you've modified your Jeep's engine, compliment it with an air intake system that will help it show off.

Get the Best Deal on Aftermarket Parts
Whether you want to modify your Jeep or replace busted parts, don't waste time shopping around. For the best deals on aftermarket parts, check out our hugest selection at We have the best prices around, but on the off chance you do happen to find a price that's better, show us, and we'll match it! If you've already made your purchase, we'll refund you the different, no questions asked. Don't put off modifying your Jeep any longer, and purchase the parts you need to improve performance today.

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