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Jeep Fuel Filler Hoses

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    There are a million ways to enhance your Jeep's overall performance. From changing out the tires and suspension to performing regular maintenance checks, the projects to make your Jeep run more smoothly and effectively are practically endless. However, few are as important as changing out your Jeep fuel filler hose now and again. Keeping a weather eye on this part can help to increase fuel efficiency, boost horsepower and protect your Jeep's fuel tank.

    What a Filler Hose Does
    The function of Wrangler fuel filler hoses is actually a fairly simple one. This piece of Jeep fuel tank hardware connects your filler neck (the area where you insert the fuel nozzle when getting gas) and your fuel tank. It provides a quick, practical way to funnel fuel into the tank for use by your Jeep later on without it leaking out or becoming trapped or blocked in the process.

    Signs You Need a New One
    Broken or failing Omix-ADA fuel filler hoses can be easily identified by the side effects you're experiencing as a result. First and foremost, you'll notice that it's likely costing you more and more to fill up your gas tank, despite gas prices themselves remaining stagnant or even decreasing. You're also likely to burn through fuel much more quickly, and require more frequent fill-ups. Visible cracks or abrasions along the outside of the filler hose or a strong smell of fuel are also signs of a damaged hose.

    A Cheaper Way to Repair Your Ride
    By the time you've identified the issue with your filler hose, you've probably already spent more of your hard-earned cash than you'd like on wasted fuel. That's why we're here at 4WD.com to get you the replacement parts you need with as little strain on your wallet as possible. All of our Jeep fuel tank accessories are backed by an excellent price guarantee that allows us to get them to you for less than any other seller.

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