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 Fuel Injection System

If you want to increase the throttle response on your Jeep, upgrading the fuel injection system is a good solution. Replacing the stock fuel injection with an aftermarket brand also will improve fuel economy. 4WD carries the Howell brand for standard fuel injection kits and the Edelbrock brand for electronic fuel injection kits. Each brand offers the complete kit made up of well manufactured parts. The materials are solid cast iron and applications offered include fuel injection systems for AMC V8 engines of Jeeps from model years 1970 to 1991. Get the zoom zoom you have always wanted in your older model Jeep with a fuel injection system from 4WD.

When jeepers go on off-road adventures, they want to throttle down and race their Jeeps over rough terrain. When you want to improve the throttle response of your ride, trust to provide you with an affordable Jeep fuel injection kit. Whether you want a standard or an electronic kit, we carry quality brands you can trust.

Standard Fuel Injection Kit
You love how your Jeep responds when you throttle down, but you want to beef your ride up to enhance off-roading. This can be accomplished by installing a CJ7 fuel injection kit. Fuel injection delivers the precise amount of air and fuel to the engine to improve your Jeep's performance.

A mechanical Jeep YJ fuel injection kit functions by responding to air pressure. The faster your Jeep goes, the more fuel it needs. As more air passes over the injection kit, it releases the exact amount of fuel and air that the engine needs in order to respond correctly.

At 4WD, we know that an ordinary fuel injection kit just can't handle your rough and tough Jeep lifestyle. That's why we only carry the Howell brand of standard fuel injection kits. We know that this brand makes quality aftermarket parts that can handle wear and tear, providing you with years of a great throttle response.

Electronic Fuel Injection Kit
You love the throttle response you get with your standard fuel injection, but upgrading to an electronic one can be even more beneficial to your Jeep. This type of system relies on electronically timed releases of fuel and air to improve throttle response. With an electronic fuel injection, you can have a great response from the throttle regardless of your speed. To help you beef up your Jeep, 4WD carries the Edelbrock brand of fuel injection kits to ensure that you receive a high-quality part.

At 4WD, we know we have the universal fuel injection kit that you need to improve your throttle response. Take advantage of our 90-day price-matching policy and shop with us today.

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