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Jeep Exhaust Crossover Pipes

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    Design Engineering Inc Exhaust Wrap Kit

    Design Engineering Inc Exhaust Wrap Kit

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    With your Jeep's engine firing at all cylinders, a turmoil of exhaust under the hood struggles for an escape route. The alternating cylinders complicate the flow by creating wild variations in exhaust pressure, and exhaust can get backed up in one cylinder bank when the other is free of back pressure. This trapped exhaust produces noisy turbulence and decreases power output, requiring higher fuel consumption to compensate. Take home a Wrangler exhaust crossover pipe from 4WD.com to open up flow in your exhaust system and take back the lost fuel economy and power that back pressure was robbing from you.

    Performance-Grade Exhaust Design

    The factory standard exhaust system in a Jeep with a V-style engine has two separate paths for exhaust to take from the engine's cylinder banks down to the tailpipe. The alternating pattern in which the engine fires can lead to one or the other getting backed up and losing flow; performance-grade Jeep exhaust systems use crossover pipes - either X-pipes or H-pipes - to bridge the two pipelines and allow flow to balance itself out naturally, cutting down on back pressure and improving engine power and efficiency.

    The Exhaust System's Finishing Touch

    Another upgrade to your exhaust system that can enhance your engine's performance is a Jeep exhaust wrap kit, which is applied to the exhaust headers' exterior surfaces. The insulating material keeps heat from radiating out of the exhaust pipes and diffusing into the rest of the engine compartment. Heated exhaust gasses also flow more freely as the molecules move with more energy.

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    How much is upgrading your Jeep worth? At 4WD.com, you're sure to get more power for your money thanks to our low prices. All of our products are also backed by a 90 day price match guarantee, ensuring a refund on your order if you find someone else selling it for less to cover the difference. Check out our stock and order today - it's worth it.

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