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Jeep Engine Sensors

No matter how much time you spend under the hood of your vehicle, you know that parts of your rig almost defy explanation. Modern engines are as complicated, it seems, as the human brain. Wrangler engine sensors send information to the vehicle's computer, calibrating such things as optimum airflow and fuel usage. These small, complex parts keep your Jeep running in high-performance mode; when the part degrades or fails, performance suffers. A Jeep oxygen sensor and mass air flow sensors adjust the EFI and ECU units for optimal engine management.

Help Your Engine's Computer With Quality Sensors
At we carry engine sensors to keep your Jeep running at its highest, most efficient level. We stock sensors by Crown Automotive, Dorman, Jeep, Omix-ADA and other favorite brands to direct oxygen, airflow and fuel to crucial engine components. Properly working sensors enable your vehicle to perform at the peak level you demand for top riding on-road or off-road. A crankshaft position sensor

and the air charge temperature sensor should be replaced as soon they are damaged or faulty. For your vehicle's brain or computer system to deliver impressive performance when you burnout, you need to get quality replacement parts.

Find All the Parts You Need
All the best parts you need to keep your Jeep ahead of the pack are available at Our huge inventory of replacement parts means that you can find tires and wheels, brakes and steering, hardware and accessories and other components online. Select from top brands from ACCEL to Zilla Strap . Our prices are affordable, too, as we offer discounts and bargains on many products. Each order comes with our price guarantee which states that if you find a better price in 90 days we will match that price. Place your order now on to receive your part as soon as possible.