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Jeep Intake Manifolds

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    Edelbrock Performer Series Intake Manifolds

    Edelbrock Performer Series Intake Manifold

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    If you want to substantially drive up the efficiency and performance of the engine in your vehicle, you should consider ordering a new Jeep intake manifold. This performance part delivers additional air to your engine and ensures that the mixture of air and fuel required for internal combustion is distributed evenly among the cylinders in your engine. Intake manifolds also play an important structural role in vehicles, supporting the fuel injection system in newer models and the carburetor in vintage Jeeps. Use our Select Vehicle search tool to find the right aftermarket or replacement stock intake manifold for your rig.

    High-Quality Aftermarket Manifolds
    We stock a large selection of the highest-quality aftermarket components including the Hi-Ram Modular Intake System and Edelbrock Torker Series intake manifolds. We make it easy to search or browse for various styles, such as Jeep air-gap intake manifolds that can allow you to boost the efficiency, performance and power of your vehicle. Choose a model designed for better performance than the stock intake manifold that comes in Jeeps or replace this manifold. Either way, you are likely to be satisfied with the difference a new intake manifold makes.

    Easy Installation
    Most of the systems we sell come with detailed instructions to allow for easy installation. An intake manifold can be a relatively simple way to boost the performance of your vehicle. Look for acclaimed components like the Hi-Ram Modular Intake System and see if these parts are the right choice for your vehicle.

    The Most Bang for Your Buck
    When it comes to purchasing performance parts, 4WD has you covered. We stock the most acclaimed and popular intake manifolds and other performance-boosting packages and components for the lowest price available within 90 days of your order. If you find the same part you have ordered from us for less, we'll give you back the price difference.

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